Monday, July 09, 2007

avoidance behavior

there are things i should be doing (like, completely flip-flopping my bedroom with my craft/sewing room ... meaning, moving lots of furniture, books, magazines, and stash) ... but instead, i am taking pictures and playing on the net. it's productive ... because i can share my latest knitting!

... and i finished something ....

i can hardly believe i have finished another pair of socks! what's my excuse ? well, the pippi kneestockings are the next best thing to a mindless knitting project. also, they're knitted on size 3 dpns, so they're a quick knit, with 64 sts at the cuff and upper leg, and 52 sts for the lower leg and foot. fewer stitches = faster knitting.

since this was my second pair of stockings, i now have leftovers in 8 different, yet homogeneous, colorways ...

these might become another pippi-pair, or i might play with some fairisle patterning for something different.

i started this marigold sock (pdf) a couple of weeks ago. i stalled because i wanted to do a reverse heelflap. well, i could not figure the math out (not that i really dedicated much time to it), so i decided to go with the short row heel as written, following cosmicpluto's tutorial. i still am having problems making my stitches look nice while knitting the two wraps with the stitch when on a right side row. my purl side is nice and tight (as shown in above photo) ... but my other side ... not as pretty.

... what's a post w/o a fresh socken ? well, take a nice long look, because the next time i touch this socken, it's getting ripped. it's too big. the yarn is lovely (fearless fibers merino sock yarn). the pattern (scroll socks from _more sensational knitted socks_) is quick to memorize and a breeze to knit. but, i need to go down at least a needle size. i am knitting 64 sts on size 2.75mm dpns, and because the yarn is 100% merino, when the sock stretches out, it doesn't recover. so, the question is do i go down to 2.5mm or 2.25mm ? hmmm ....

it's so pretty! and i love how it's pooling!


Anonymous said...

2.25 mm!
(That's my vote :D)
The knee-sockens look Great!
Hmmm, how's the movin' comin' along?

knittingphilistine said...

Those pippi-kneestocking socks are quite a feat! And so cute! And I LOVE your green version of Marigolds! Nice.

Stacey said...

look at you fly on the knee socks! i so love knitting on #3's - they feel almost chunky in my hands after knitting with 1's! I love the stripes - looks like you have enough for a few more pairs!

Both of the new socks are great - too bad about the scroll sock (my MSKS book should be here today!) I hate ripping!

Kristy said...

The knee socks are great! I love those colors.

I think the scroll socks are such a cool pattern. It's one I want to try at some point :)