Wednesday, November 30, 2011

beyond cute!

i do crochet. i learned crochet first. YEARS ago. and, i do love both. but, when it comes to a project, i can decide, which technique is better for the project or design. sometimes, crochet is instant gratification. such as here, with a PONY!
pony 105
i have a work friend, who's so sweet, and one of those insanely "good nature d" persons. one day, i asked her, "what would you like?" her response? ... "a PURPLE PONY!"
sarah had seen this pattern before, because (dummy me!) i showed it to her at work. she LOVED it. and, she's the kinda girl that sincerely loves things. over this thanksgiving holiday, mom & i hit one of the local craft stores, where i found some yarn perfect for the project.
pony 101 pony 093 pony 094 pony 090 pony 080 pony 083
too cute? yes, i know!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

something(s) finished, at last!

wouldn't you know, when i finally finish my noro gloves, the weather turns unseasonably warm?! at the very least, the warm dry air helped them dry out on the porch today.
crafty weekend 024
i used the basic pattern from ann budd's _The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns_. and, for some reason, glove #2 came out a bit smaller than the first. i'm sure my hands aren't the same size either, so i'm not going to fret over it. bottom line, i have a new pair of very warm gloves! i let them soak in some wool wash, and it really helped relax the fabric. before, they were quite stiff. they didn't grow nor shrink. they are the closest thing to perfect (aside from being 2 different sizes :p ) finished object #2 is a finished pair of socks ...
gloves socks cake 011
i started these immediately after SAFF in october. i purchased both the yarn and pattern from the miss bab's booth. i knitted them for the october SKA challenge. i still have 2 other pairs of socks to finish, plus various other "obligations" (ie: a monster for my swap group, a couple of knitted/crochet toys for friends, etc).
crafty weekend 025
i got these yarns today too ... the brown cotton is for a washcloth, and the other two (magenta & brown) are for a jerry monkey.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

a single glove

basic glove

there is always knitting going on around here, but not always enough time to share it properly.

a few years ago, i knitted my first pair of gloves. i used the basic pattern from ann budd's  _The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns_. that pair did "fit", though a bit on the big size.

i decided to give it another go, in a worsted weight (you know, for that instant gratification). this time i used some stash sent to me not too long ago, ... some noro silk garden.

the fit is certainly better than my first pair years ago. but, like socks, you gotta knit 2 !

so, i'm off the computer now, to cast on glove #2, just in case the weather turns cold.