Monday, March 31, 2014

new book arrived


i ordered this book via amazon about 2 1/2 weeks ago. it finally arrived today in my mailbox. i only paid 83 cents for it (plus $4 shipping!) … but still, that's better than the regular paperback price for a new book.

my copy was from a library. it has the library's barcodes and shelf number all over it. it's gently used, and in really great shape for being a former library book!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

2 balls

That's where I am now ... 2 balls in on each of these projects ....

on the left is my clapotis … it's almost finished! i am on "section 4". my second ball is rapidly diminishing.  i do have a third ball in the wings.

on the right is my "kaw kaw" pullover summer top (also known as "sunny"). i am finally on the front (finished yesterday). and i just realized, in the photo, i'm showing the backside. 

regardless …shortly here i'll have a new summer wrap and lacy tee (ps, not to be worn together!).
what's next? i still need to finish my crochet cool waves shawl, my test crochet molecule, and start many other things.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

you know it's bad when ...

… your co-workers (you know, your non-crafty friends) even make comments on the project you're currently working on, after realizing they haven't seen ____ or ____ or a finished _____.


oh … what do THEY know?!

here's my clapotis … i'm on my second ball of yarn. this has become my latest "mindless" project.

it's very easy. and it's going to be a wonderful summertime stole =)

i haven't abandoned my other projects, it's just that each project fits a mood or time. and they're MY projects, to amuse me. not guilt.

here's funny note. my crochet shawl has been renamed "xanadu" by one of my co-workers. and my golden tee has been named "sunny" … which, by the way, has an almost completed back!

Monday, March 17, 2014

the clapotis … really!

the clapotis is one of the early free knitting patterns from knitty. it was published in 2004, and i had started one in 2005. but, i didn't like the pattern with my yarn choice, and ripped it out.

recently, i was inspired to revisit the pattern … same yarn but different colorway.


and success!

i was digging through my stash yesterday, and stumbled upon this yarn …


it's SWTC bamboo. and i have 3 balls. PLENTY for a clapotis!

perhaps it's just because of timing … i don't knit socks like i use to. i don't join many knit or crochet 'a-longs'. my projects have been at my whim.

right now, i have several projects on the needles (and hooks). but this one is the only one i can call "mindless" … it takes very little attention, and keeps my hands busy when i just cannot focus on instructions or decisions.

the yarn is 100% bamboo. it has a nice sheen, and a beautiful drape. the color is a nice mix of oranges and reds … it will be a very nice summer wrap.

Sunday, March 09, 2014

marigold summer tee

i got this yarn recently at my lys's anniversary sale. the yarn is berroco weekend dk, and i got all 5 hanks for $10.

i wouldn't usually go for this color, but i always channel my inner steel magnolia and say, "you can wear any color you like, as long as you wear the right lipstick!".

BeFunky Vignette on iPhone

i've been on this summer t-shirt kick since last year (though i only completed one t last year --- my "gemini" in hempathy).

since then, i've been building up my queue, and have a better idea of what i want to knit or crochet for the warmer weather.

i settled on this.

Kaw kaw summer tee.

not the best photo ever --- but just to get an idea.

it's essentially a rectangle, with shaping for the neck.

i've had my eye on this design for awhile, and was able to order the booklet at a deep discount online.

i had shopped online for the exact yarn, and then abandoned the idea because i do have stash.

today i swatched.

Kaw kaw summer tee.

and then cast on ……

Kaw kaw summer tee.

i'm really thinking this is going to be my mindless project for awhile. right now i'm on the ribbing, and then will switch to the lace --- which is a very simple 4 row repeat. the shoulder shaping is so minimal, it can probably be omitted.

Kaw kaw summer tee.

the bag in the above photo probably looks a bit small --- but it's every bit as BIG as the ones i sewed before.

i bought a 1/2 yd of fabric and cut 2 pieces 13" x 17" --- sewed with a 1/2" seam allowance, and used 2" at the top to do the fold over casing for my drawstring. i purchased a yard of cord, and probably trimmed about 4" off of it.

i got the fabric at my local joann store --- i think it's a denyse schmidt print. it was in the same area of the store, but i only purchased 1/2 yard, and the selvedge didn't have enough information.

regardless --- it doesn't matter whether or not it's "designer" --- it's a very high quality cotton and very pretty print!

Sunday, March 02, 2014

(+) progress !!!

BeFunky Instant 1 on iPhone

finally … i am nearing the end of the chain. i probably won't finish the chain today, or the next day, as every other row only incorporates one more chain.

BUT, i'm much more aware of how i make mistakes, so hopefully i can avoid them for a bit going forward.

i'm having a hard time capturing the color of this yarn.

sometimes the colors are kinda warm, other times cool.

yesterday, when i took some pictures outside, they looked rather bluish.

BeFunky Sharpen on iPhone

perhaps the best place to see the color would be here on ravelry, in other folk's stashes.

the yarn is gorgeous!!!

i'm also kinda amazed at how slowly i've progressed --- but it's only been a week, and i don't have much time during the week to craft --- and i've done a fair share of ripping.

this morning, as i laid in bed, i did some online shopping. i purchased a pattern via ravelry (with the help of paypal), for this tee shirt pattern. (the pattern is called "work + shelter striped lace sweaters")

i have plenty of yarn options in stash. i wanted to start swatching today, but instead decided to try to make some progress on my lace shawl.

my friend schumtzie said i'm on a "tee shirt kick" --- yes. i have been for awhile. i have a couple of knitted t's the that i just adore --- and i find them quite comfortable (and prettier than regular t's) for the warmer months.

and though our weather here will seriously bottom out tomorrow …
Today, winter makes a HUGE comeback. Temperatures will start in the 40s north to 60s south before falling dramatically as an arctic cold front moves through. We will end the day with temperatures in the 20s/30s! Also today, the concern for sleet as the colder air moves in. Look for rain to transition to sleet and possibly a little freezing rain late morning north to mid afternoon south.
…. i'm still thinking about SUMMER !!!