Saturday, April 30, 2011

i SEE you !!!

hola !!!

grrr !!!

HEY !!!

nevermind all the lace shawls i've knitted, the complex cabled socks, with traveling stitches, or the hand dyed yarn.


he's so cute. and such a pain. what more can you expect from a minion ?! (raverly link)

when i "recover", i may post my modifications .....

Sunday, April 24, 2011



stuart & lucy

stuart always has to pop in on holidays to greet everyone! (and this time, he dragged little lucy along ....)

easter tree of sock bags!

my easter tree is made of my favorite sock bags from knowknits and no, those are not all wips ... first of all, there are not enough bags in the world for all my sock orphans and wips, and i also did not bring that many projects home with me for the holiday (gasp! one sack actually has 2 pairs of dirty handknit socks).

bunny nuggets!

and what's easter w/o a couple of bunny nuggets ?!

Monday, April 11, 2011

hippity hop hop

these are so cute! these are bunny nuggets from rebecca danger. you can find the link in the side bar of her blog, or you can go to ravelry and download there.

bunny nuggets

the body is about 2.5" tall, and i picked up stitches ontop of the head for the ears (vs. knitting as a separate piece and sewing on).

i used leftover cottons from other monsters and dish cloths. knitting with cotton is not fun, but i have a lot of it in some good Easter colors.

the tail was made with a pom pon maker. i just happen to have a maker that includes 4 sizes, and i used the smallest.

the cotton tail actually helps these little fellows stand up!

Saturday, April 09, 2011

totally skewed!

i have finished my first skew sock!!!

see my pretty sock?

head on

other side!

i have to say i LOVE it. it's just COOL! i have no idea how the designer came up with the contruction. and i giggle every time i think about the big O (origami moment ... when the fabric folds over and becomes a heel). if i was as enamored with the look as much as i am with the look & fit of jaywalker, i'd have a new favorite pattern for those striping yarns. as much as i say i love love love this sock pattern. i do have one gripe ....

it's snug to take off and on. that's it. and i don't even have a high instep or "fluffy" ankles. and though the designer has some hints on how to modify for fit, my brain just doesn't want more of a challenge. so, i will knit sock #2, same as sock #1, and call it a day.

this sock yarn is a favorite of mine, of the craft store variety ... it's lion brand's sock ease. i LOVE it. it's only $10/ball (and MUCH cheaper if you have a craft store coupon). the quality is high. i've used it a few times for socks. ie: my spiceman socks, my sunny jaywalkers, and my fabulous beer cozy !

if anyone is wondering about the red sock in the background, that would be my favorite summer sock(s) ... my red summer sockens. i knitted those a few years ago, with some panda cotton sent to me directly from crystal palace yarns (as they have FABULOUS customer service and had helped me with a yarn issue). they sent me yarn for the red socks, and these pretty papaver socks, and some 6" bamboo sock needles.

scary stairs to my apt.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

skew? SKEW you! LOL!


... we are into another month, and another challenge ... unusual construction. this is the beginning of skew. it's been on knitty for awhile, and it was "love at first sight", but ... it's one of those patterns for which fit might be "tricky". so far, i'm knitting as written, and the fit is good. but, i've "paused" (i do that when i get to part/transition, where i must make a decision). i think i've now knitted enough foot to begin the ankle section. i just need a good block of time to think it over and proceed. so, that won't be 'til the weekend.

this yarn is a MY craft store favorite, it's lion brand's sock ease. SKEW looks great in yarns that stripe ... it accentuates the bias fabric. i have A LOT of self-striping yarns in stash, but had a hard time finding the perfect one. the colorway is called rock candy.