Wednesday, June 13, 2012

socken progress

maylin2 034

i picked up this project not too long ago, as it really does deserve to be finished. and now i'm thinking, do i really want to "finish" ?

since the photo was taken, i'm about to start the toe. i could finish today, easily. BUT, if i do, then i will have one less sock to "finish" for the august challenge of finishing pairs, as i did last year.

i'll have to think about it awhile yet. in the meantime, i have finished this other sock, and should start the mate.

maylin2 012

this pattern is called "maylin" and is being knitted for this month's challenge of knitting an under appreciated sock pattern. what makes it under appreciated? there are 15 or fewer projects for it in ravelry.

i'm knitting on size 2 mm needles. i haven't knit socks on that size in a long time. i usually knit on 2.25 mm. 1/4 of a mm makes a HUGE difference!