Tuesday, May 29, 2007

the new guys in the hood


oh! SO CUTE!

bookish, but with fangs

my favorites


hmmm ....

there was some sock creature making this past weekend. some by me, some by mom. click on any photo for details.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

a pair ?

yes, sort of ... they were both knitted with the same needles (size 1 kp's dpns). they both have a twisted 1x1 rib. they both have an uncommon toe shaping. they both fit !

embossed leaves socks
artyarns ultramerino col 112

KP's 1 dpns

pomatomus socks
sophie's toes superwash in merlot
KP's 1 dpns

Monday, May 21, 2007

some time ago, i was visiting with leanne, and she gave me a couple of knitting bowls to try out. i passed one on to jackie yesterday, and used mine for a fresh project i couldn't resist knitting.

i think it took me so long to use this bowl because most of my projects have been knitted from honkin' 100 gr balls. the sweet bowl is much happier with a single 50 gr ball. oh, and it especially sings with handpainted yarn!

and now that i'm actually using this bowl, i have some great ideas for the next generation ....

i've finally made some progress with my space critters sock. i just couldn't make the striping thing and short row thing happen harmoniously. the stripes did not miter nicely, and i had some suspect holes. so, back to the corrugated ribbing! i tend to prefer a heel flap, and the extra roominess of a gusset, anyways. i am still slipping the first stitch of each row, to make picking up stitches less painful later ....

... and what's a post w/o something new? embossed leaves socks. for me, they're the next best thing to mindless knitting. also, i've been wanting to knit this artyarns ultramerino for awhile. i think this yarn works nicely with the stitch pattern.

note to self: kp's size 1 dpns.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

oops ....

last night, little stuart and stella had a grand time at a little cookout. i even caught stella getting into the vino!

all i can say is, if you see two pixies hanging out together, they are up to no good!

i am not responsible for stuart and stella luring ms. deb's little felted squirrel away ....

specs: a couple of stupid sock creatures and fibertrend's felted squirrel.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

morning knitting

i am going to a wedding this weekend, which meant i needed new duds. so, i am not a shopper. i do not like to shop (unless yarn is involved). but i had to shop. and i got a nice dress for cheap!

which, of course, meant i needed some nice new yarn to go with my nice new dress. why? because i'm knitting a shrug! the dress is sleeveless, and none of my many shawls works well with the outfit.

my colors are looking a bit off this morning. the dress is grass green and white, and the yarn, berroco's cotton twist is shrimpy pink.

and the pattern? it's the little silk shrug from IK's newest publication, _lace style_. the shrug is essentially a long rectangle, folded over for armholes, and edges finished. it should only use up about 3 to 4 skeins of the cotton twist, and i'm at least half way through with the knitting. it has to be finished before saturday.

and my sock? i thought knitting fairisle would be difficult, but for some reason a two color heel (and only one color is used at at time ! ) is kicking my butt!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

"warning ! warning will robinson !"

okay, perhaps that quote predates space invaders, but i still think it's funny. i wanted to share my growing progress with my bmp socks. just as i finished knitting the repeating invaders chart i noticed that my critters didn't look quite like aija's critters.

ps. photo is upside down

long story short, if you've already printed the bmp pattern, note that there is a mistake in the chart. the critters of rounds 42-57 of the repeating invaders chart should be swapped, if you want your socks to look as pictured (below photo) on knitty. but, if you want yours to look like mine (as pictured first and last), ... no worries, just knit like a lemming.

in the meantime, i am plodding through my next challenge ... the heel. not only is it short rowed, it has yo's, and lots and lots of line by line instructions. you'd think with all that guidance it would be a breeze ... but alas, i have an uncanny knack for making the simple more difficult.

inspite of minor obstacles, i am still very much enjoying knitting these socks.

oh, and because i finished my mindless sock project yesterday, i had to cast on last night with something else that practically self-knits. i am taking another shot with the lollipop opal, without the help of a certain pixie!

Friday, May 11, 2007

i finished something ....

socks ! fortissima socka, size 1 dpns, 64 sts.
shoes ! keen colistoga
shot on location at scary black back stairs ....

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

more space critters knitted

more critters!

i'm about to start the last set of critters (in green) but haven't decided yet whether to do some more decreases .... hmmm ..... oops! can't do more decreases yet or else all the critters will be touching.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

late night knitter ....

... i just couldn't wait until the day of light (and i don't think there will be much light tomorrow, as i think rain is in the forecast) to take proper pictures. but, i finally started my bmp socks. yay!

note: this is my first *real* fairisle knitting project. i did not swatch. i figured it was going to turn out hideous, so i decided that the knitting could be my swatch. turns out, it's working. i'm having problems with my tension where i switch needles (being knitted via the single circular method). it's big. it fits the leg. it will be baggy at the ankle. i should probably figure out where to decrease before then, and possibly read ahead in the pattern. it's addictive. i didn't think i had it in me for fairisle, but perhaps i do. i'm holding the black yarn in my right hand (as i would normally do, throwing in my funky shuttle way) and the off white with my left hand (picking). it's a bit slow. but, it works!

Monday, May 07, 2007

awwww, a hedgehog ! yes, i finally finished this little critter that has been off and on the needles, plus multiple trips to the laundromat, over the last month ...or more .... the pattern is by fibertrends, and was knitted with a single strand of lamb's pride worsted and some mysterious fur-like yarn. i actually ran out of the furry yarn early, but thankfully did so on the underside.

the eyes are plastic safety eyes, but the nose and mouth were embroidered with a fingering wool and then needle felted.

socks !

what's a post without socks?! i feel like i've been making progress because i have not been making orphans. this pair will be finished very soon ... within a day or two (i hope).

... and this pair? complete! i have a hard time keeping secrets. a really really really hard time. don't ask why. i don't know. but, these socks, and the hedgehog, are getting mailed off for mother's day. happy mother's day mom !!!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

did someone say "socks" ?!

pomatomus... stalled. oh, it is a beauty! it IS interesting to knit. but, i am tired. tired. and, i must decide when to begin the toe. i always falter when deciding on the toe.

so, what's a girl to do?! start NEW socks !

this cotton/wool/nylon sock yarn (by regia) was purchased from elann a year ago spring. believe it or not, i've actually almost knitted it all up!

and this pretty yarn ... a similar blend by fortissima, which is deliciously softer than the regia.

and it doesn't stop there.

fresh yarns ! that scream spring ! first up, this yarn nerd dyed up by the multi-talented adam. i did begin swatching ....

and ...

this yummy sundara sock yarn, which came to me via a trade with chawne.
i have some prizes for her was well ... which need to get into the mail tomorrow.

and tonight? hmmm ... i'm sure i'll be knitting on sock(s).