Saturday, April 28, 2012

squeee! garden slugs!

slugs 003

disclaimer: i did not crochet these, mom did.

these little fellas are crocheted with various shades of red heart yarn. seriously, red heart is "perfect" for this!

slugs 042
they love eating plants!

slugs 053
... and scouting out their next meal  =)

the pattern is called "crochet garden slugs" and is available on etsy.

monkeys strike again

when in doubt, i knit monkey socks. sometimes jaywalkers, and sometimes, monkeys. both patterns are the next best thing to mindless knitting, but make variegated or striped yarns more interesting.

slugs 082

i "won" this yarn last august, in a drawing, when i was completing as many pairs as possible. this yarn is a first for me, it's hazel knits artisan sock. it's kinda "beefy" like socks that rock.

slugs 086

slugs 089

Thursday, April 12, 2012

happy easter THURSDAY

wow. is this what happens? we get all apologetic?! i'm not quite sure how i stay so busy, ... i think it's my selfish ways. but, of course, why wouldn't i be selfish?!

unless ... i'm making things for other people ... things that i cannot reveal online?

so, mom got her bunnies. yes, ALL her bunnies. we counted them. there were 32 (i think). and then, i finished 4 more ='s 36 ? yes. LOTS of bunnies. she asked, "what do i DO with them ?!".

hmmm .... well, "crochet a chain and attach them and make a garland~!" ... she hasn't done that yet. i think next time, i'm going to make ME a boat-load of bunnies and make a garland, or put hooks in them and hang them from a tree.

cupcake 010

so, in between my crocheting bunnies, and her "secret", i did ask ... "are you making ME something? are you making me a BUNNY?!" ...

... the lies begin .... "NO !"

but, you do see? a bunny ?! yes. she crocheted a thumper! how awesome?!! she crocheted him out of stash, which is primarily Red Heart yarns. which i adore.

you have to understand, my mom has a poker face. she can lie like nobody's business. me? ... not a chance.

so, she made me a giant crocheted bunny, and i made her a million mini-bunnies, and Stuart & Lucy had an awesome weekend ...

cupcake 025