Saturday, January 25, 2014

kroy progress report

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the kroy socks are coming along --- i am on the heel flap of sock #2 tonight.

when these are completed, i'll have to weigh my remaining leftovers --- i can guess though ---

one finished sock weighs 45 grams. so the pair will about 90 grams. i started with 138, minus 90, equals roughly 48. i "might" have some other leftovers hiding. so maybe i can make a pair of footies too?

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and, i did finish the pair i started on christmas day. these socks are knitted with knitpick's hand painted stroll in colorway 'treefort'.

they only have 6 colors in that yarn line right now, so i wonder if they're going to discontinue it or add new colors?

for bedtime reading, i have a new book ……

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this is such  COOL book! there are some patterns in the book, but it's mostly knitting history and techniques.

i was looking for this book tonight and couldn't find it … and then remembered it was in my bed!


yes … that is a cookie monster ! stuart "found" him on his last visit home :p

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

kroy monster socks

i have lots of leftover kroy sock yarn. it is probably my favorite sock yarn (great for the budget, fun colorways, and size 2 needles!).

i gathered up what i could find of my leftovers, and i have about 138 grams. that's more than enough for 1 pair.

Kroy monster socks

i was in need of a "fix" tonight --- i got off work early (without pay, of course, but worth it … daylight!), figured out where i went wrong on my cardigan, fixed that mistake, and then started a monster sock with my kroy leftovers.

Kroy sock

56 stitches of easy. i'll just pick out colors and use until i run out. i don't care. this is suppose to be mindless, so they will probably be very similar, but not identical twins. fraternal twins instead.

i'm using my clover 2.75mm bamboo dpns. i ♥ love ♥ these needles in the size 2.25mm, but in this size --- they're not 'bendy' enough for me. but at that mm size, i doubt there is a dpn with enough flex.

i couldn't find my usual rosewood dpns. not sure where i stashed them.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Chickie Masla

Chickie Masla … what a great name! that is the name of my current project.

well, that is the name of the color of my current project …..

Augusta Cardigan
and my photo makes the yellow way toooooo yellow.

here's a link of the yarn on the manufacture's website.

the color is close to "butter", with bits of egg yoke. 

the sweater pattern is the augusta cardigan from the book _new england knits_. it is knit in pieces, from the bottom up. 

i am horrible at finishing sweaters. but, i will finish this one. it might be a bit too roomy, maybe. i'm shooting for a finished 36" (my bust is about 34"). but, with my gauge, etc … i'm not sure what size it will be after blocking.

i did knit a swatch, and i was on gauge, and the swatch softened up and bloomed beautifully!

but, in the raw, this yarn is hard to knit --- kinda like cotton (though it's wool & mohair). the strand itself has zero "boing".

so far, i have finished the back, left front, and will likely finish the right front this weekend.

after that, next steps include the sleeves, assembly, button band, buttons, blocking. or something like that :p

i'm debating knitting the sleeves at the same time. i should.

after this cardigan, i really should start thinking more about my summer sweaters … and the ones i abandoned last fall. once fall hits, and my job ramps up, certain projects just seem to fall by the wayside.

Thursday, January 09, 2014

my needles feel too small !!!

this is strange. i have knitted socks since at least the early to mid '90's.

in the beginning, i followed the pattern faithfully, and knitted on size 2 needles at 56 stitches. those socks fit great!

and now i knit on size 1 needles at 64 stitches. they fit great as well =)

(it's all about gauge) (my mom's favorite 5 letter word)

regardless, i've been working on multiple projects lately.

one crochet (shawl) (size 4mm hook).

one knit (sweater) (size 5mm needle).

and socks. 2.25mm dpns.


and lately, when i work on the socks … the needles feel too small for me.

it's kinda disturbing. i'm not sure if it's the mm size or the needles themselves. these are the new caspian needles from knitpicks. they are crazy smooth, and not as flexible as my bamboo dpns at all. they're lovely. but … right now, feel too small. they make my hands feel big. (sigh)

perhaps i need to cast on another pair of socks with all of my kroy leftovers? … at least then i can use my size 2's !!!

Sunday, January 05, 2014

B I T E ME ! ! !

a couple of months back, mom was "exposed" to rabies. she is fine … and had to go through the shot series nonetheless.


as we are inappropriate … we still laugh and make fun of things that can be most serious.

for christmas this year, i decide, this is "year of the rabies".

for starters … i knitted her a raccoon scarf (source of the rabies).

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BeFunky Grunge 2 on iPhone

this was of course a secret project … the pattern is raccoon scarf crochet pattern (ravelry link).

i probably could had pieced together my stash bits & pieces, but "splurged" on some new yarn.

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second up was a little raccoon ornament.

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he's called racy raccoon ornament and his pattern can be found on the red heart website.

again, a "weeee" yarn purchase (with coupons!)

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and lastly, a project bag …

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the fabric was purchased at hobby lobby.

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BeFunky Grunge 2 on iPhone

i still have plenty more to make myself a raccoon bag =)

Saturday, January 04, 2014

happy new year!


that's for starters … but now … the crafts!

i did finish those socks. and i made a second pair for mom over the holiday.

Leftovers sock

this is sock #1 … and then the PAIR !!!

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i do see more in my future, as i still have tons of leftovers of this same type to make at least 4-6 pairs.

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BeFunky Basic Black on iPhone

this next pair is mom's --- they're kinda stretched out, as she photographed them after she wore them (and they're unwashed).

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she liked mine so much, i made her a pair as well (mine are knitted on 64 stitches, and hers on 60 stitches).

the socks don't end there, as i also had a new cast on with yarn from knitpicks i got during their black friday sale ….


this is their stroll handpainted in colorway "treefort". i'm using their (new to me) caspian dpns.

i really like the needles. they are smooth and pointy! and it just so happens they match my yarn (which, could be confusing for some folks, but i don't really need to look at my vanilla socks as i knit).

the first sock is completed, and sock #2 is on the needles. a lot of the 1st sock was knitted christmas day at the theater when we went to see the latest Hobbit movie. i finished the ribbing and knitted the leg in the dark (there's just one wee error in the ribbing, but i left it).

there's other knitting & crocheting going on around here. but i will save the sharing for later, as i want to get back to one of my projects now (i SO value my "me time" … and i do have the weekend, but for the next 2 weeks i'm working lots of overtime --- YAY $$$ --- but i will miss some of my "me time".).

lastly, i will leave a picture posted by a dear friend from italy --- i don't know if the picture is his, or something he found online, but it's pretty …..