Monday, December 31, 2007

Thursday, December 27, 2007


... so, this is what my camera looks like. this is what my camera looks like 3 hours away. this is my camera at my parent's house, and the photo credit is my father, via his cell phone.

so, until mr. postman brings me my camera, i may be w/o pictures 'til the new year. CRAP!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

ho! ho! ho!

who? me ?!

whooo hooo !

everyone i know also knows i have tons of yarn, gallons of sock yarn. but, they don't judge me, instead, they enable me! YAY!

all yarns pictured here will likely be socks some day, with the exception of the bag of yarn on the left (sweater!).

the bottle of vino will not see tomorrow.

please click on the photo to go to my flickr and read all the notes on the yarns ....


this new sock creature came to live with me just before christmas. mom couldn't wait for met to see her, as she's the latest in a series of socken creatures made from just one sock. that's mom's personal challenge. i think it's hysterical!

she fits right in with the other holiday creatures, stuart & mabel.

Monday, December 24, 2007

again ....

though, there should be more candles on this cake!

happy birthday!

crochet content


red heart yarn
G hook
single crochets
crafty pom-pom
silly sock creature (stuart)

knitting content

i (re)started another sock. i can't even remember when i first pulled out this yarn. i do remember knitting very quickly, and getting past the heel. the short row heel. the short row heel that made the instep too tight and got ripped short row heel.

i ripped that section last night, in search of a mindless socken project and proceeded with a good old heelflappen.

there's nothing like a good basic sock!

opal lollipop yarn
colorway 1013
susan bates US1 dpns
64 sts

Thursday, December 20, 2007

christmas sockens!

i'm either getting mighty cavalier, or lazy, to not hide this photo in a virtual box.

... i think it's the latter.

to make a pair, i knitted the mate in 2 days. i think it was easy to stay on task because the cheerful colors. i wish they were for me ... but, i have some more yarn in a different colorway for my socks.

specs: regia crazy color 5439
64 sts, 2.25mm dpns

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

more pandas! oh my!

inspite of the things i should be doing, i could not help casting on for something (possibly) for me.

more panda wool sockens. yep. i just love the look of of the solids in this yarn, and i love the fabric!

it really shows of the texture of roza's socks, again. i would love a sweater in this yarn ... but i think the world knows i would end up with orphan sleeves .....

specs: panda wool in colorway jet (black & blue).
susan bates 2.25mm dpns
roza's socks from IK spring '07.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

single socken

one thing i really love about the hedgerow sock pattern is the fabulous texture! one thing i don't love about it is it's kinda monotonous to knit. it's easy to memorize, but it's not mindless.

on my trip, i managed to finish one of the socks. i even started the mate ! (gasp !)

... but, i knitted the foot too short ... so, after i finish the mate i'm going to rip out the toe of this sock and knit the foot longer.

it's very pretty, and fits great (minus the short foot), and i love the semi-solidness of the the yarn ((araucania ranco, (semi-) solid)).

well, christmas is in 10 days. perhaps i should do something about that (i haven't made nor purchased anything for anyone ... yet). hmmm .....

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

'tis gettin' to be the season ....


be sure to move mouse over photo

yes, i have been knitting ... this surprise is for mom, so all the details can be found over here.

Monday, December 10, 2007

socks from the vault

i did get a fair amount of sock knitting done on my trip, as there was lots of waiting or travel time, but of course i didn't think to take any pictures until the light of day was fading today.

have you ever tried to take a picture of black socks after the sun has already dipped behind the hills?

these are not freshly knitted, but they are recently repaired.

handknit socks are worth repairing. the first time, years ago, one had a hole on the bottom of the foot ... from a snag on a nail in the wood floor. this time, the socks had been in bad storage, and had some thin spots here and there from yarn-eating-bichos.

i took them with me on my trip to repair, just incase it was cold here upon my return. HA! i left the caribbean and returned to the balmy south. 80* in december kinda sucks.

aside from that, i think this is the first pair of socks i ever knitted, following the instructions for the basic sock in nancy bush's _folk socks_ ... meaning, these socks are from '94.

back in the day, i knitted 56 st. socks. now, with the same wt. yarn, i usually knit 64 or 72 st. socks.

back in the day, it use to take me 12 hrs. to knit a pair. i dare not time myself now. i'm just not interested in knowing those things anymore.

and i'm guessing here ...
yarn by socka in black tweed with colored flecks
probably size 2 dpns.
56 sts.
basic basic basic.