Sunday, November 03, 2013

SAFF 2013

yet again, mom & i traveled to Fletcher, NC for the event SAFF! i ♥ love ♥ going to SAFF. it's the best fiber-fest within reasonable travel distance for me, and the size of the event is just right if i only have one day to visit.

as usual, they displayed their "Not the tractor show" banner. i did see a couple of vehicles do a u-turn and head back out (one pulling a nice tractor too!). i'm not sure where the tractor show is, but this is the 2nd or 3rd year in the row SAFF has hung this banner at the entrance.

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the admission is only $3/person. cheap! we were there right at the beginning, so had no problem finding a parking space of choice.

and it was colder than ......

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seriously ?!

we started in the barns (outside). no worries, as we were both dressed in goosedown parkas. and i wore my very cute pompom hat =)

right off the bat, i found the booth for KSC designs. i really like her bags! i didn't need another bag (remember, i got this tote at the last fiber-fest down in sanford). this time around, i wanted a hook case/roll.

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my case is now nicely stuffed with  most of my hooks ... with the exception of my steel hooks.

next, i ran across some snowballs! i at first wanted just one. but, there is no such thing as one snowball. a snowballs have friends. so i picked up a couple more. they are felted, and i didn't have to do it myself :p

these cute guys came from a shop called long branch fjord and fiber.

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currently, this bunch resides on my mantel in-front of my knitting & crochet library.

once we made it into the arena, my next destination (after the bathroom, (clears throat)) was to miss bab's booth! in the past, i have mostly bought her sock yarns. this time around, i did not get any sock yarn. instead, i was on a mission to buy some of her lace wt. for a crochet shawl.

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the shawl is called tricolore scalle (raverly link), and i just started it today (as i had to finish another project first).

it took awhile to figure out my colors, and mom caught the bug and got some too (different color ways) and she's already ahead of me on the pattern. YAY mom !!! (she's got "the bug" ...... )

note: this yarn is $16/hank. mom made a comment, "this is the most expensive yarn i've ever worked with" ... i do agree, it is way more expensive than red heart super-saver acrylic, but it's SO lovely !!!

later on, i made it to another one of my favorite vendors, knitting notions. i have long admired her yarns, and would love to purchase a sweater's worth of yarn, but my sweater-history-completion is sad. it would be quite an investment. and i'm not willing yet to invest in such lovely yarn to only have it mellow in the stash.

this year, however, she had something new! leather bracelets!

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i ♥ love ♥ it !!! ... oh, i did want yarn. and i wanted one of the beautiful turned wooden bowls. but, i got a bracelet instead.

the little things keep me happy =)

near the end of our visit, this booth by pandoras yarns had some really pretty dyed lace wt. yarns. i got these two hanks. each hank is 600 yds. i think they will make some lovely shawlettes (either knitted or crocheted).

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and then, the ONLY skein of sock yarn (technically) purchased:

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this hank is not planned for socks, but a shawl-thing. worst case scenario, yes, ... it will be a pair of socks!

now of course, part of the reason for SAFF is the animals. so, here are my two favorite pictures from the animals outside.

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how's that for the end of a post :p