Sunday, August 23, 2015


yesterday when i was out & about, i stopped in a yarn shop. there were at least 2 different yarns i could had justified buying for sweaters, but i have plenty of sweater quantities, ... and didn't "need" it.

le sigh ... remember last december when i proclaimed to be going cold sheep in 2015? ha !!!

needless to say, there have been some significant yarn purchases this year. however, they have been more "mindful" purchases. so, although i've not been 100% cold sheep, i've not been as reckless either. 

one thing i did find that i wanted, and could use (needed!) was a gadget for my dpns. on my sweater, i'm knitting the sleeves, on dpns. and, more than once, the stitches have fallen off the needles when in my knitting bag.
i saw such an accessory in the yarn shop yesterday ... but i couldn't justify the expense ($13). i can sew. and i have tons of scraps. 
so, this cost me nothing but a bit of time. i had everything ... the fabric scraps, some 1/4" elastic, and some stiff interfacing.
it's not perfect, but it "will do". 

the wool knitting is quite fast


i started my beeline on august 8th. as of last night, i'm about 4" in on my second sleeve. the sleeves are exceptionally fast due to the reduced number of stitches. i'm planning on having this finished within the next few days.

i haven't finished my last two summer tops though --- on the lena, all i need to do is pick up stitches around the neck and arms and bind off, and then weave in ends. on the western tee, i just have a smidgen of knitting left and minimal finishing. however, starting is often more alluring than finishing.

but, i'm into the fall/winter knitting now.

this is one i'm currently contemplating ... it would be A LOT of knitting. (it's called reagan). i have a suitable yarn in stash.

whichever i decide upon, it will be soon --- because my rusty beeline is near the finish line and i'm going to get itchy to start something new.

Monday, August 17, 2015

i've switched to wool

summer isn't over, but part of it is quickly fading for me.

though we still have the high temps & humidity, i've switched from summer knitting to fall.

i still need to finish a couple of summer tops (tops i've 95% completed!!!) ~ i'm thinking more about wool.

last year at SAFF, i found a wonderful hand-dyed superwash worsted. i wound a hank in the car on the way home, and immediately cast on the beeline .  it took a bit to knit it, but it's a sweater that's been worn as often as i could (temps & dress code permitting).

so, this past spring, when i went down to the NC Fiberfest, i found the same farm as a vendor! ... and i got more yarn, for another beeline.


i did a lot of knitting on this at the beach. i'm almost finished with the second hank, and very close to beginning the ribbing on the bottom.

it's a favorite pullover, and this one will be done before the next SAFF.

the beach? yes ... i went to the beach for a 2nd time this summer. perhaps i'm making up for so many summers inland?


that's me in my desert get up. though i love the beach, i have my limits on sun exposure. i have no idea what my hair was doing -- that's "the beach" for ya' .

so, i'm there knitting on my beeline. typically, it would be more difficult to knit (wool) on the beach, but the air was a bit drier than usual. the only time i had problems with the yarn flowing was after my dips in the ocean.

we've had a very "sharky" summer in NC. that didn't stop me, or the other tons of other people i saw, swimming out beyond the wave break.

on that day, the waves were quite gentle. the lifeguard was waving the green flag. it was also a good day for shells.

needless to say, it was an awesome beach day!


Sunday, August 02, 2015

green ? green ....

green used to be my favorite color. now, it's blue ... or most shades of dark blue (LOVE navy blue).

but today ... today was a G R E E N  day.

today i was wearing 3 shades of green.


on the left, a very old knitted hemp tank. knitted from this pattern too many years ago.

top right, old crocs with minion shoe charms.

down right, an army green stretch skirt my mom gave to me (brand is KOPPEN). it's a stretchy ripstop nylon, and at least one size too big --- but i like the color and that one of the pockets has a zipper.

in a couple of weeks, i'm going to the beach again -- this time -- only for a few nights. skirt and crocs (with minions) are going with me!