Wednesday, July 31, 2013

august eve

tomorrow is the first. and i will have all month to finish as many pairs of socks as possible. i am aiming for finishing 9 pairs ... but might only finish 5 pairs.

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this is Bex, otherwise known as Ugh. (yeah, 3 letter words are bad-words)

i love it. i do. but each round is a challenge. there is no rest with this pattern. i really want to finish this pair. this is sock #2.

BUT, i'm really into my summer sweater (t-shirt) knitting right now.

i'm quite smitten with this pattern:

its official name is s8420 Woman's Top (yes, a very enticing name!) by Schachenmayr. i have ordered the book Inspiration 053 from Patternworks, and the yarn! typically, i'd work from my library and stash, but i had neither.

i could had just ordered the booklet and paid minimal shipping, but then i would have only had solids in my stash to work with --- which would had defeated the "look" of this top (and i really like the mottled look of the variegated yarn used).

this is the yarn:

it's called "multicolor" --- it's 100% cotton.

i think this top will look really nice for the summer, late summer, and heading into fall.

i am still knitting on my Valpuri tee --- i'm on the front now, abut 6" in.

i'm going to have to figure out how to juggle all the sock knitting & t-shirt knitting though.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

summer t's

i have added so many t-shirts to my ravelry queue in the last several weeks.

after finishing my gemini top from knitty, i was itching to cast on something new.

while at the beach with mom, we went into a craft store (ac moore) and i found a bag of "mill end cotton blend" in the bin, and i had a 50% coupon.

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all i know about the yarn is that it is one pound, and a cotton blend. a blend of what? ... i do not know. yardage? ... who knows. do i have enough for my project? YES!

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(the bag came with 3 large balls)

oh! the pattern is Valpuri --- a free pattern from berroco!

i have finished the back now, and will start the front tonight.

for the first time in a looooong time, i am actually using a cable needle. i just cannot do an 8 stitch cable in a yarn that has zero stretch, w/o a cable needle.

when i finish this shirt, i may cast on another summer/fall tee. i have queued mostly patterns that are either free or in my library, plus ... i do have the stash =)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

new things

i have proof now that i finished my sweater!

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the top photo is of the front, and the second is the back. i prefer the lace part across the back.

it fits really well ... i ♥ love ♥ hempathy! i wish i had more in my stash ... actually, i do ... but in a rather bland/neutral colorway. if i felt frivolous ... i'd order some from webs. it's a lot of "bang for your buck" --- the perfect summer knitting yarn =)

this pattern is gemini (from it is my first top down sweater. the process was "okay", but i think what i enjoyed the most was that it was easy to try on as i went, and i had minimal finishing.

my other "new things" are from mail order. i swear, it's easy to spend money so fast from a chair & desk.

the first is this ...

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from amazon, i ordered 2 books for $10 each, and a set of interchangeable tunisian crochet hooks made by knitters pride. the price was right, and the shipping was free, and (for now) ... no tax!

and the other goodies ...

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some goodies from knitpicks. i got a sock book, some back issues of interweave knits and knitscene magazines, a set of 24" cables, and two balls of their new crochet thread, curio.

i have plans for the hooks, and plans for the thread, and i wish there were more hours in the day!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

july already?!

where does the time go?

i have been busy --- knitting --- and i actually finished my sweater! though, i don't yet have any pictures of it.

i came home last night, and "forced" myself to weave in the ends. BUT, today, i was able to wear the finished tee (sans blocking). as a reminder, i knitted gemini from

it's a very cute summer tee, which i knitted from hempathy (a hemp/cotton/rayon mix), and it's top down. this was my first top down sweater ever knitted, and also totally seamless garment.

now i'm itching to start a new summer tee --- maybe something crocheted. or maybe, the same pattern? ... i don't know. i don't want to get burned out on a repeat.

i'm still knitting socks ....

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this is one of my very ugly monkey socks. i finally finished the toe yesterday, and need to cast on the mate.

i need to really get my act together for my august sock finishing frenzy sponsored by ms. mapleweave.