Saturday, March 31, 2012

last call

good grief, how is it that a month can pass so quickly?!

 i am knitting. and crocheting. regardless of the craft, i am still "making".  sometimes, i cannot post my progress online.

 but, since i don't want to "not share", i'll just send a text to mom and say, "don't open until EASTER".

 i am horrible at keeping secrets !!!

easter is upon us. and, i love holidays. i like all things we can look forward to ...

march 476

 including, ... bunnies.

these little guys are all crocheted. i thank my lucky stars that i knit AND crochet. i have so many options/choices.  some people have half as many choices as i.

bex 004

this is not all of them. this is just a sampling. all those bunnies are crocheted from stash ... but then, i went to wally world one day, and found some other colorways i didn't have. those bunnies are currently "in transit".

i think my favorite bunnies are the ones made from the multi-colored yarns. they come out all nice & splotchy.

bex 006

i just think they're "extra cute"....

bex 005

oh, and lastly, before anyone asks ... yes, you can make these marshmallow peeps just before easter ... here is the link

Saturday, March 17, 2012

all things green

luck 046 snow petals socks 009-2 summer 087 lifetime ww yarn books knitpicks 050 swap 096 pair of monkeys froggy cables 009 green chickadee "take me to your leader" my tub really isn't this color finished mean green girly socks
... all things green, happy st. patrick's day!!!