Saturday, June 22, 2013

new hook!

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oh, and i almost forgot ... i got a new hook today. it's not pretty, or exotic, or expensive ... it's a simple bamboo hook by clover.

the important detail about this hook is that the shaft is perfectly cylindrical.

with this hook, i want to try out the tunisian crochet shawlette pax. the pattern notes say that i won't need a classic tunisian hook (you know, the really looooong hooks).

so, i picked this hook because there's no ergonomics to it, or any bumps or humps ... just incase i use a cotton yarn.

which leads me to ... did y'all know that knitpicks now has a new lace wt. cotton yarn ?!

i did sneak in some knitting!

i've started a top down t-shirt ... gemini from knitty.

lately, i've been craving things other than socks (gasp!) ... and creating on my own terms vs. a group or schedule.

and i'm thinking of setting some goals for myself this summer --- (okay, some are not knitterly) ... ie:

  • not using the oven, at all! ... this summer (the kitchen just gets way too hot)
  • crochet a sweater
  • finish as many sock pairs in august as possible
  • create some summer t's (knit or crochet)

so, to kick off the summer of goal(s) ... i did cast on this summer tee (linked above) ....

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i'm using "hempathy" --- i bought this yarn in 2008, and actually knitted a bottom up tee about 65%. and now, i'm ripping it out. it's just been too long to revisit that old project --- and the size doesn't suit me now --- and --- i want something new.

i thought this pattern would be easy because it's free & from knitty, but apparently, i have lots of choices to make in regards to fit & modifications (of the sleeves) --- i don't want my sleeves to stick out like klingons.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

falling in love ... again

i don't know what to say ... but i'm totally smitten with crochet right now. completely.

i still want to knit, but i want to crochet even more.

perhaps i'm bored with stockinette fabric, and even crochet, in its most basic stitch, still can bring a smooth yarn to life, with texture.

i just finished a crochet bag as well --- and am still working on the crochet top.

but, here's the bag:

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it was a blast to crochet (okay, that feels a bit weird, to say crochet vs knit). but, i did enjoy the process.

so, i've been perusing ravelry a lot lately, looking at crochet top patterns (ie: tee's, pullovers, etc).  --- things for summer. of course, now that i'm done with this bag, i should turn my attention back to the little red top.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

still hookin'

i might have to change my name --- to the haphazard hooker!

i've just been really enjoying crochet lately. i think it's because no matter what --- the fabric created will have a texture, with even the simplest of stitches. it's kinda appealing.

what am i crocheting now?

a bag!

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this bag is called (currently) NoName Bags Test (link to ravelry).

i came across this bag & CAL via the ravelry group ravliki. the group founder is a woman named Lena. some time ago, she sailed from the Ukraine and is now docked in Montenegro. she crochets, and publishes designs on ravelry, and before she puts up a pattern for sale, ... has a CAL to test her patterns.

so, that's what i'm doing ... "testing".

and it's been fun. loads of fun.

my first issue was yarn. her samples were crocheted in a sport wt. cotton. i don't have any in stash. so, i did a stash-dive, and came up with these hemp leftovers (from tank tops of long ago).

my old yarn is by hemp for knitting. i first met the designer years ago at a stitches convention. her yarn is awesome. my old label says it's dk wt, 50g and 93 (?) yds.

anyhoo --- it's been fun using this yarn again --- and working through this bag pattern.

the major crochet is now done, and it's time to work on the straps and finishing. as i was reading along, i realized i'd need some beads to hang on the ends of the straps. crap.

i put on lipstick, straightened out my hair (and skirt), and headed out to the local bead shop (less than 2 miles away).

i came home with these gems .....

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these "beads" are ceramic. i did test the holes, and i can actually get a single strand of my yarn to pass through.

so, i guess i better get busy on the finishing now =)

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Sunday, June 09, 2013

plan B

yesterday, after working my swatch, i realized i didn't have enough yarn to actually make the sweater.

so, plan B.

i was out & about today, but this time to the joann's. i found this other crochet thread (i swear, it HAS to be the exact same stuff --- look at the label --- same color name, and part of the code is the same --- likely made in same factory).

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well, i'm certain!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Clover does make a 2.25mm hook, I got mine at JoAnn's -- it's a Clover Amour. I like those better than the Soft Touch.

anyways, i also took the advice of a previous comment, and i did find this "amour" clover crochet hook. their hooks are 25% off right now. i just got the size i think i need for now --- if i need to upsize my squares, i know i have one of the other clover soft-touch hooks in the next size up.

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i'm hoping my crochet will feel less awkward with this nicer hook --- because crocheting with cotton is hard enough!

Saturday, June 08, 2013


i'll just change my name to the haphazard hooker.

recently, i've been "shopping" for a knitted tee (shirt). i've added some designs to my ravelry queue, and today, actually downloaded (paid) for a pattern.

the design is called flowers and tiles top, and ... it's a ravelry download.

i've been looking at it for awhile. it's a summer pullover, crocheted, modular, and finishes with knitting (for the edges (ie: hem, armbands, neck)).

i was out & about this morning, and popped into the local wally world, and thought this yarn would be a good candidate for this project. the jury is still out. i kinda goofed anyways --- i misread the label and thought i was purchasing enough yardage --- but i confused the yardage on the label with the 'article no.'

we'll see ... if this cotton thread works out, i'll have to schlep myself back to wally world and buy the remaining 2 balls in a different dye lot (by the way ... no biggie for something created modularly).

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so, there's my little swatch.

it was kinda a pain to crochet, as i used a wee "b" hook (2.25mm). i knit with needles that small all the time, but it's different in crochet. if i'm on gauge, i might have to shop for a hook with a better place to "hold" the hook (ie: clover ... do they make a hook that size?).

i have my swatch soaked & pinned out. when it dries (never), i'll measure after i unpin.

when i was crocheting, i had thoughts of ... "i'm not sure if this is the right yarn" ... "it seems rigid" ... "this kinda sucks" ... "oooooh ... hmmmm" ... "it's kinda pretty!" ... "is it too rigid?" ... "fuck! i don't have enough yardage !!!" ... "can i get more if it does work out?"... "it is really pretty!"