Tuesday, October 16, 2012

basic pairs

none of my knitting right now is particularily challenging. i have been keeping simple projects with me, and have finished two very basic pairs of socks.

stripes 035
a friend on ravelry kindly helped me identify this yarn. it's by reynolds yarn, and is called "swizzle". it's been in my stash for quite a bit, and i don't even remember how it got in my stash (meaning, i didn't buy it). but for mindless knitting, this yarn was wonderful. and, after knitting it up, i really like the pair. i wore them before i took the picture too (thus, this is a picture of dirty socks!).

simplesocks 009
this other pair is knitted with craft store yarn (i think it's called "serenity sock weight"). it was on sale for $3/ball, and i had a gift certificate =) it's a blend of wool, bamboo, and nylon. i have knitted some other socks with a similar blend, and i'm thinking of using these leftovers mixed with the other leftovers for a pair of "monster socks" or "stashbuster spirals". the colors may end up looking like barf, but i'm okay with that.

and, i am actually knitting a pair of socks for SKA's october sockdown. one of the challenges is to knit with a self-striping yarn, using a pattern that accentuates the striping. this pattern is called bremen muster. the pattern is more of a recipe, which is just fine with me.

stripes 033
the yarn in this pair is the same as the gray ones above (the wool, bamboo, nylon mix).