Wednesday, April 25, 2007

busy with socks

don't forget to mouse-over!

... busy with sock(s) creatures! i made this sweet & fat little girl this morning. she's off to a birthday celebration this afternoon. she's so cute, i do want to keep her for myself ... but, i'm trying to be less selfish. trying.

... and pomatomus slowly grows. i have doubts that i'll have enough yarn for my toes. though, i have seen that plenty of knitters have made these socks with only two hanks of koigu (and my yardage is the same), i am always the skeptical & faithless knitter.

isn't she cute ?!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

a cozy pair

the beginnings of pomatomus

bmp sock yarn
just click on any photo for details ....

Friday, April 13, 2007

not my knitting ....

but, i just had to share a snippet from 'easter 2007'. i had a fantastic easter ! it was spent in the company of great friends and food :) and, the easter bunny found me ! this little lulu was knitted by the hippie, probably only on sundays, over a few months. but, i must admit, the wait was worth it! stuart has a new little friend! and, what's better than a stealth bunny? why ... a fluffy bunny butt !

by the way, little lulu is the little bunny from last minute knitted gifts.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

quickie post

i have created a new orphan ... but, this orphan is not like the others ... she's toe up and magic loop! i followed the instructions for anna bell's elfine's socks, with the exception of using ribbing at the top.

now, i should be good and cast on for the mate. i might. i should. but, i just wound something else into a ball, which i'm eager to swatch!

misc: 1 turbos on body, 0 turbos on cuff, pistachio colorway by claudia hand painted yarns.

Friday, April 06, 2007


first of all, i'd like to give a very big thanks to everyone who commented on my previous post! reading the comments was even more fun than creating the post :)

i think stuart is releasing me of his spell ...

today i wet-blocked out the portion of bonita i've knitted thus far. the wash instructions on the yarn label are somewhat ominous ... "dry clean or hand wash in soap flakes; do not soak; cool rinse; do not wring; short spin; do not leave wet; reshape and dry flat away from direct sunlight; use damp pressing cloth." so, i dunked and swished in the sink, squeezed as much water out as i could, and rolled in a towel and then pinned it to my blocking board. and ... it looks pretty good! it think it's a go. the size i'm knitting only calls for 5 balls of damask. i have 6. now, i'm waiting for my giant swatch to dry so i can continue to knit on it.

the yarn is very nice ... and i like how mottled it is. it doesn't flash or pool.

did you notice that stuart has some new britches? the sweet devil kitty crocheted them for him yesterday! i think he needs a nice lace shawl now =)

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

it's not my fault ! really !

a kind friend gently reminded me today that i hadn't updated my blog. i'm use to those reminders from my mom (mom is not as gentle and says, "i'm tired of looking at those same old pictures !"), but i think jackie certainly qualifies as family too (though she lacks my mom's social skills).
what's my excuse? well, as i explained to jackie ... nothing is working out !

i think stuart is mad at me for leaving him at work one night last week (and how i freaked out and drove back to work after 10pm in my pj's is another post) ....

i'm beginning to wonder if he's the culprit behind my bad knitting mojo?! karma baby, it will bite you in the ass every time! and look at those teeth!

where does this journey begin? perhaps with an ill-sized jaywalker. i thought i would turn around and try it again ... and perhaps i will, as it's april now, and we're into the colors of this beautiful yarntini in the second phase of project spectrum. well, i will give it another go, and perhaps sooner than i think ... and try it again in either a different size or with different sized needles! this yarn is just too beautiful to stuff back into a bag.

and then, i was all excited about knitting with my green with envy lorna's laces, using f.pea's wildflowers socks pattern. and it's a lovely pattern! and i love the yarn! and in pattern, it's the wrong size ! disclaimer, i was on gauge in stockinette ... and though this pattern is stockinette based, the p3tog's make things kinda suck in a bit, and it loses stretch) rats! what to do here? i'm not so sure ... i might add a repeat of the pattern. i might add a repeat and go down to zero's. i might jump ship !

apparently, stuart was still in a snit about being left behind overnight, so he meddled in my latest attempt at something mindless ... a basic sock. the little voice in the back of my head said, "you really should be using 1's". and i said, "hush! i just wanna knit and watch TV". and so, i present, a sock that never had a chance ....

and, we save the best for last .... stuart has jinxed my dreams of wearing a tank top this summer! i have cast on about 3 or 4 times. i have knitted gigantic swatches. i have ripped and reknitted. over. and. over. again. this, someday, i hope, will be the beautiful bonita from rowan magazine 41. what's my problem here? oh, ... you know ... gauge. i swatched in stockinette, and got gauge with a needle smaller than the pattern recommended. so, i began knitting. but, apparently, when i use turbos, my lace is very loosey-goosey. so, i'm now knitting the lace portion on size 3 turbos and the top portion will be in 4's (i think)(now, i can't remember!).
i will also like to add, the rowan yarn, damask, is holding up wonderfully to stuart's hi jinks.

so, that's what i've been doing and not doing. i hope to have a better week, and some serious progress to show next time (meaning, i hope things FIT!).