Thursday, March 29, 2007

get back up on that horse !

first of all, i have to say, it's not easy being good. it's not easy for me to do things that i know i should. but, i'm going to try really really hard to knit this jaywalker. miss cosmo jaywalker was/got ripped yesterday. and i probably would had cast on again last night, but i forgot ALL my sock needles at work last night.

so, in order to get on with the show, i'm going to try to either A. knit with a larger needle or B. knit the larger size. i'm not sure which it's going to be (yet). but, if anyone is considering knitting the jaywalkers, click on over here for more clues about the pattern.

with that said, of course i started to fancy other yarns, yarns without a past. pictured above is a new acquisition, lorna's laces shepherd sock in envy. i couldn't get the colors just right, so imagine shades of spring green with a bit of a golden earthiness. and which pattern would i use with this lovely contender? how about f.pea's wildflower socks!

while cruising the net yesterday, i also found a picture of one of the opal yarns from yesterday's post, knitted up into a sock. the yarn is opal's lollipop, in colorway 1013. the sock is pictured on the right, over at knitting iris.

as much as i'm craving a plain sock project, i was thinking it might be fun to try something new from lucy neatby.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

woe is me ...

in a greedy rush to play with my fresh yarn, i have knitted quite a bit of a jaywalker ... that possibly does. not. fit ! CRAP!

i think it's tight. i tried it on, as pictured, and was in fear of snapping my wee dpns. also, when the bugger is flat, the leg only measures 3 5/8" across ... i like my socks to measure about 4" flat. whaaa !

so, i think i'm cursed. i've tried knitting jaywalkers before, without much success. what i should do is take a lesson from grumperina, and keep at it until it's right.

what i might do is dabble in some other fresh yarn ....

Sunday, March 25, 2007

more socks

i finised these socks a few nights ago, and amazingly, haven't cast on for any others yet. i have now finished half of my orphans set. i'm not sure which ones i will tackle next. i'm awfully tempted to fiddle with some fresh yarn ... in very spring-like colors!

the small print:

top photo: pattern ... fiber trends leaf lace socks AC-58

yarn ... froehlich's silky baby-lambs

needles ... crystal palace dpns size 1 1/2

bottom photo: fresh yarn !!! from yarntini !

Friday, March 23, 2007

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

hmmm ... i knitted a sweater !

pattern: loni from jaeger's book 11
yarn: (discontinued) jaeger's albany, a worsted wt. cotton tape yarn 115yds/50g x 9 balls
gauge: 5 sts/inch
needles: size 5 & 7 denise interchangeables

color picture over here.

Monday, March 19, 2007

some people get very excited when the new knitty, magknits, or crochet me is up ... and trust me, i'm in love with those space invaders socks ... but, what i most look forward to every week is the updating of post secret.

ps ... i'm seaming my sweater !

Friday, March 16, 2007

this is turning out to be a quick knit, and in that breath, i probably just jinxed myself! i am on the last piece of the sweater, the right sleeve. i'm so into this, that i haven't finished my hedgehog or socks, or even started my march socks for socktopia.

i imagine i'm going to be a good knitter and block all these pieces before seaming. besides, single layers will dry faster than a finished sweater.

Monday, March 12, 2007


i finished the back of my sweater yesterday, and immediately cast on the front. i am about half way through the front ... and, if i am diligent, i will finish the front tonight. maybe ....

in other knitting news, today was beautiful and brilliant ... until about 5pm. then, it was kinda dismal and gray. so, i ventured outside with my camera, and took some snapshots from my bumper and around my home ....

in honor of project spectrum, a la the non-knitty ....

Friday, March 09, 2007

i should be in bed, but i'm not finished winding down ....

and now, i'm suddenly tired ..... so, quick! knitting!

i needed a mindless project. i chose a sweater as a mindless project. what makes it mindless? well, i've knitted it before (i love it! it's the perfect sexy sweatshirt), i've knitted it with this yarn before, and all my cryptic notes are still all over the instructions.

but, some things have changed, ... such as my gauge. i am using size 7's vs. the 8's i used the first time around, many years ago.

the pattern is from jaeger book JB11, knitted with jaeger's albany, a worsted wt. cotton tape yarn.

off to bed !

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

the colors didn't really translate well, but here are my choices for the background of my next quilt. think the colors of twilight .... deep marine blues with either a hint of teal or purple. this is all i had time for today at mary jo's. i'm going back to mary jo's tomorrow, to figure out my colors for the flower stems and leaves. but i don't know what colors to be shopping for ! any suggestions? oh! i have more pictures, including close ups, of my fabrics over here !

i've also been crocheting ... i've added a few blocks to my slow-growing blanket. i crocheted some this morning, and in the car to and from gastonia to mary jo's, and last night while watching a really scary movie ! i barely crocheted a stitch, as i couldn't keep my eyes off the tv screen, though i really wanted to hide behind my wee square.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

not socks .... SURPRISE !

not very long ago, i won a prize ... i blogged about it here. the fabrics arrived last weekend, and they're way more beautiful than i imagined. each is a fat quarter. each wants to be part of something bigger or perhaps something small unto itself. the fabric with the paint by number birds is my favorite! it's awfully tempting to order some of just that print for a nice summer dress.

i'm going to visit my folks next week, and i'm going to be in spitting distance of mary jo's. and though i don't feel totally ready to choose colors for my next quilt, that won't stop me from spending at least half a day in the quilting cottons of mary jo's. i might purchase !!! EEEKS !!!