Wednesday, August 13, 2014

green or blue?

for years, green was my favorite color. i still ♥ love ♥ green, but now i'm loving the color blue more … more specifically, navy blue.

i think it's because my hair has grown more silver, and i prefer how i look in a dark blue instead of green. or maybe, because my new glasses are a combination of a deep purplish blue and a lighter blue (though, i had also fallen in love with a green pair).

nevertheless … the socks i'm knitting now are green.


i've made all kinds of progress since my photo a few days ago. the color is a bit bluish in this photo --- the actual color is a bit more of an army green.

i'm not accustomed to knitting man-socks. they are bigger. more yarn. more knitting. but i don't mind. i have SO MANY SOCKS. and when marco visits, it will be winter here. and my apartment is cold … especially the floors.

though i have a ton of socks, my best protection from the cold floors are these nasty slippers!


for me, this is hitting the limit of publicly sharing … these are my ancient nasty nasty slippers. they are stained. worn. all kinds of nasty.

but i haven't found a replacement pair. they are down slippers, 'mule' style. made by sierra designs. i would gladly buy a replacement pair if i could figure out where. they are the warmest slippers ever. and i will keep wearing them until they deteriorate completely or i find worthy replacements.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

sock update … yes, i'm surprised too!

my favorite color use to be green. as of lately, i decided my new favorite color is navy blue.

but, i want to knit socks for marco, for when he visits in the winter. and i found a nice green yarn (from stash) for him (green, HIS favorite color) … though he assures me that he will wear any color(s) i knit.


today, while out doing laundry, i cast on this pattern (Haring hit Maassluis), it is free. 

it will be a good knit … all texture, in a gansey style. because of all the knits and purls, i'm trying to hold my yarn in my left hand. 

it is awkward. and i wonder if it would be easier with dpns instead of magic loop. BUT, the stitches are made faster. the slow part comes from switching from one needle to the other. 

Saturday, August 09, 2014

catching up!

today feels a bit slower … because of the rain and the lack of commitments.

never mind i'm always awake at 6:30 on a saturday … the day most sleep in.

i'm still working my way back into a routine, and dusting off the jet lag.

maybe all of it was not jet lag, but jumping right back into an intense corporate environment, without yet regaining a foothold.

foot? feet?


yes … socks … 'tis august now … the month of finishing!


a finished pair of socks!

i actually made a project page here.

i did not realize the stripes would be so large … but i kinda like them.

i also finished another pair, but the color in the photo is not so great … so we break now for a picture of a scooter.


…. a Pandora scooter.

marco sometimes drives 2 different cars, both Fiat, and in the nicer weather (local, and no beach umbrella or chairs) , rides his scooter.

so while out today, i stopped into the Pandora store and picked up a token of my vacation.

knitwise, the above socks are finished, and i'm knitting on another pair.


i'm working on these basic stockinette socks, though i really want to start something new.

… a sweater? (for the fall)
… socks? (because  … need no reason)