Wednesday, March 30, 2011

mystery solved!

mystery socks!

these have been a long time coming. and think, each sock is only 1/2 a pair!

these are the mystery socks from ska, designed by verybusymonkey (ravelry link).

the way a mystery sock works, is each week, the group is given 1 clue. by the 4th week, we have all the clues to knit from cuff to toe.

i couldn't decide which yarn i liked best for the socks, so i started two different socks. and guess what, i like both!

the yellow sock yarn is a bit finer (it's knitpicks tonal sock in golden glow). the raspberry sock is a bit thicker (it's dizzy lizzie's sock yarn). but, both were knitted on 2.25mm dpns. they are also mirror images of one another (as the pattern is written).

these socks also use the technique of lace, meaning there are "holes". there's no cabling.

Monday, March 21, 2011

and, a MONSTER !


this is bea! she's from this book ...

monster book!

i was nowhere near my stash, so i took a little trip to the local hobby lobby, and picked out some of their cotton yarns (as they had some really nice colors!)

i LOVE this cotton!

and, i started knitting, and knitting, and knitting ...


... and body parts!

i learned how to knit a "jogless jog" while knitting stripes

the jogless jog

and i learned that i liked the lifted increase better than the kf&b when knitting with cotton ...

lifted on left, kf&b on right

i still need to glue her teeth on, and stitch her a belly button, but essentially she's finished.

bea is for a swap in the Danger Crafts group on ravelry. my swap partner lives in texas, and she's knitting me a mystery monster. unless she's snooped in my project pages or blog, then this should be a surprise for her.

in the meantime, mom wants a monster too ... she picked out these greens from hobby lobby:


the lighter shade of green is also the "i love this cotton!" yarn, but it also has a strand of sparkle wrapping the yarn. (mom wanted "bling")

blue lace

magic socks

i'm knitting these socks for the march challenge of ska ... one of the techniques is "lace".

i do have to pay attention to the pattern, somewhat, since every round does have patterning. to keep up, i'm using both my kacha (row counter) and magnet board.

i have bitten off more than i can chew since the new year, so it has been slow knitting on these. but, i really enjoy the pattern! it's called magic mirror by jeannie cartmel.

the yarn is also a favorite ... it's cascade heritage. it's a bit on the thin side, like lorna's laces shepherd sock. it has a nice smoothe twist. and the price is very reasonable.

SAFF socks

i bought this yarn at SAFF last october. like my brown socks in the previous post, this yarn is also miss babs yummy sock yarn.

i was so eager to knit with this colorway, that i would the hank into a ball in the car on the way home. and then i cast on my socks! and then they languished .....


this might be my last pair of spiceman for awhile. i think i've now knitted this pattern 4 times!

Monday, March 14, 2011

one pair off the needles!

extra-yummy socks

this pair was the closest thing i had on the needles that i could call "mindless knitting".

i knitted this pair for ska's february challenge of "man socks". the challenge stated that the socks had to be designed with the Y chromosome in mind.

and these were .... but, i didn't want "man socks" ... so i sized them down with smaller yarn & needles.

the pattern is called twined rib socks. you can find the pattern here on ravelry. i also happy to report i FINALLY used a ball of stashed sock yarn that i bought at the first SAFF event i went to in 2007. the yarn is miss babs 'yummy'. it's a 2 ply superwash merino, and it has a nice hefty twist, kinda like koigu.

so now, when i look at this picture ...

did i start enough projects?

... i can at least mark one pair off the "to knit list". (if you click on the picture, you'll be taken to flickr, and the photo has notes as to which socks are which design)

and when i look at that picture, i unfortunately realized it's missing 2 other pairs ... the jitterbug wanida socks (one knitted/finished, 2nd partly cast on) and the blue lace ones from my previous post (toe up, and i just turned the heel).

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

casting on

this casting on thing is getting a bit out of control. but it's so much FUN! with a new month comes a new monthly challenge. this month ... lace.

i know, that's not overly challenging for me, but i want to participate in my group, sock knitters anonymous (on ravelry).

i chose this pattern by jeannie cartmel (she's jeanniefanihi on ravelry). it's called "magic mirror". it does fit in the lace catagory, as it has the yo's and decreases. perhaps it's a stretch, since the lace isn't really the 'feature' as much as a 'vehicle' to get the pattern of twisted ribbing to shift.

magic socks!

i'm using cascade heritage for this project. that decision was a no brainer, as i'd just purchased it on saturday. also, it's nice and smooth, and really shows off the stitches.

fresh yarn

on saturday last weekend, i went to a new LYS, Yarn Tree Studio. i really enjoyed the yarn selection and look forward to the store's growth (hey, this was only their first week!).

being the sock knitter i am, i was "weak" and got more yarn ... the blue cascade heritage on the left, and the golden ella rae lace merino on the right. now, the yarn on the right might end up something other than socks, as it's handwash and has mega yardage (460 yds). that would surely be enough for a shawlette.

i only plan 1 other cast on for this month ... there's also a mystery sock in this month's pot. and again, it's one of my favorite designers. that's hard to resist. i'll surely post pictures and notes, once i decide on a yarn and offically cast on.