Wednesday, May 21, 2014

i'm not sure why ...

… may seems much busier for me.

i have settled into a routine. a routine of work, exercise, netflix, not house cleaning.

and i have unfortunately been having some issues with my projects.

my remix sweater is "on hold" … the arm depth seems a bit shallow, and i might have to insert a gusset when i finish off the side seams.

the kitty … DONE!


this projects was fast and easy … and crocheted with stash yarn. this is pusheen, and i don't know anything about this kitty, but it has a Facebook "sticker", and it's kinda cute (ravelry pattern page here).

since then, i've had multiple project fails.

today i had a small success though …


i sewed a few project bags. they're not really that big. 2 of them were sewn from fat quarters.

they are quite simple. straight stitch and zigzag. i don't even change my thread color (use white thread).

for drawstrings, i have either parachute cord or ribbon. the cord locks are from old stash as well --- when i use to sew backpacking gear.

i wanted at least one new bag, but stitched up 3 because i had some free time, and wanted a bag to somewhat coordinate with my newest project.


this is insouciant.

i've wanted to knit this tee for about a year and a half. i bought the yarn sometime in the last year, and i swatched a few nights ago.

it is double stranded silk. it is oversized. and, it's going to be my "mindless" project.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

happily crafting

i am finishing up my remix sweater. i have sewn 3 out of 4 of the raglan seams. and now, i take a break.

i know i should plow on, but i feel like starting something new.

a kitty.

BeFunky Sharpen on iPhone

this is "pusheen". i know nothing of this kitty other than it is one of the free "stickers" via face book messaging.

i don't have the correct colors in acrylic, but i do in my fingering wool (some very old knitpicks palette).

so, i'm holding 2 strands together, with my handy dandy german F hook (it does not have the mm size on it).

this is to be a gift.

there's so many other things i should be doing. but instead, i'm crocheting a fat kitty.

Sunday, May 04, 2014

progress update

BeFunky Grunge 1 on iPhone

my sweater back is finished, and now i'm on the fun parts (the front --- with all the cables and lace). i've already split for the neckline, so i'm knitting with 2 balls attached.

i'd like to knit on this some more today, but i need to take advantage of the daylight and get some other things done.

BeFunky Grunge 1 on iPhone

yesterday afternoon, i also made a bit of progress on the lace shawl. some of the progress was knitting, and the other was sewing a quick little bag to keep the project in.

BeFunky upload on iPhone

BeFunky Crop on iPhone

the fabric was such a small piece, maybe 1/4" yard. so i cut it crosswise, sewed the side seams and left a gap on one side to do a casing for the drawstring. i made the bag long enough to fit the straight needles i'm using for this project.