Monday, October 28, 2013

working as fast as i can


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on this shawl!

i'm doing a test pattern for a designer on ravelry. my deadline is this saturday.

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and the yarn is small, and the hook is small (a 2.75mm), and i had to buy these little purple foam things to put over the handle so the hook doesn't just slip and slide between my fingers ....

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and i'm running out of time!

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i had made some great progress yesterday ... but then spotted a mistake many rows below. UGH.

i ripped back.

so, tonight, i'm about back to where i was yesterday.

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i got this yarn last year at SAFF (and i've just returned from my weekend trip in the mountains).

i did not find this vendor this year. however, i'm still loving this yarn. i know the color is eye-searing. that's what attracted to me to it. it reminds me of the hot tropics, frosty lipstick, and fake suntans! it's so not me !!!

i will post soon of my "haul" from SAFF 2013 ~~~

Sunday, October 13, 2013

so slow .....

my progress on my projects has come to a creeping crawl. all i can blame is it's the busy season at work, and i want to work on too many different things.

when i last posted, i "had" to sew a project bag as a prize for someone from my SKA group (she had won that particular drawing for finishing a pair of monkey socks).

i made her bag, and still wanted one for myself. last weekend, i popped out of bed and got sewing!

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it has a round base, and is lined with white ripstop nylon. i've modeled it after my favorite sock knit sacks from knowknits. mine doesn't have all the bells & whistles (ie: something to hang it with/from, or the special yarn lead in the bag) ... but i love the cotton on the outside, and the slippery nylon on the inside.

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when i bought the fabric, i wasn't able to purchase only a fat quarter ... i had to get an entire 1/2 yard.

which, is okay. i think with some creative sewing, i may have enough fabric left to make a third bag.

the sock in the picture is my current monkey sock, being knitted with yarn i won in that informal "competition" of finishing the most pairs in august. all i have left of the sock here is the toe. i am on the final decreases. but. i. keep. getting. distracted!

oh, i did finish a pair of mindless socks!!!

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kroy. i ♥ love ♥ kroy!

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i bought the yarn in the middle of my august of finishing socks. but i didn't start knitting them until after the august frenzy.

i like to have a mindless pair of socks on the needles ... usually kroy ... something that practically knits itself.

but the distractions ... have mostly been of the crochet variety.

my current distraction:

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i've progressed a bit since this photo yesterday, but i'm still doubting my yardage. now i'm about 1/2 way through my yarn, and even blocked out, i'm not sure if it will even have the wingspan to wrap around the neck without trying to come undone.

oooh, this is the elise shawl (ravelry link).

i think i will ... continue like a lemming. see how far i get with this yarn. and perhaps if i run out, i will dig through my stash of other leftover yellows i have.

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i'm also still working on my flower power lace shawl.

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i've started the flower part, and only have 5 more flowers to do. the flowers are a bit slow. but it's going to be so pretty when done!

there is more to share ... but i must get back to my _____ (fill in the blank) (knitting, crochet, sewing?).