Monday, May 31, 2010

i can't keep secrets

mom's b-day is wednesday. not too long ago, she requested a shawl. now, she has shawls. and she doesn't often wear them, because she says, "i'm afraid it's going to get caught/snagged on something".

she said the ones knitted in lace wt. feel too "fragile" and wanted something "sturdier". what she wants is a shawl knitted with fingering wt. yarn.

so, i had placed an order to knitpicks with their last 40% off book sale, and added a few colorways of their palette yarn. i had sent her the link with the online colorcard. she picked out the color she liked. i veto'd it. shame on me. but the color she chose didn't say "warm and happy weather". i know. shame on me.

for her, i picked rosehip.

the flowers

shawl socks 015

the pattern is echo flower shawl and can be found here on ravelry. i knitted on 4mm needles and used under 3 balls of the palette yarn. i knitted 11 repeats of the flower chart, and did 7 stitch nupps. i even added some beads, but they're so tiny they're hardly noticeable.

i'm so bad at keeping secrets that one day i said, "hey, i cast on your b-day shawl". and another day i said, "i'm almost finished with it". and then this morning said, "hey, it's done!". yeah. she knows she's getting it.

it's okay though, because she knows i got her a b-day card too, but i didn't tell her what it says ;)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

another purple pair

craft-store kristi

i almost forgot that i finished these yesterday. i mean really, now does someone forget that?

maybe because i was distracted by the new stuff i got at the fiberfest.

the goal of this pair was to triple dip into 3 of my ravelry kal's.

the first was for sock knitter's anonymous, or "ska". ska's challenge for the month of may included knitting cables or traveling stitches. well, as you can see, these stitches travel all over, and they're twisted too.

the second kal was for solid socks. their challenge this month was to knit with the color purple, solid or semi-solid.

and lastly, i knitted for the last installment of the sock innovation group, knitting a choice of the above pattern, kristi, or the other chosen design.

all these groups are pretty easy going. they all offer prizes, though it's not likely i'll win. but, i do have another pair of socks in my drawer!

now, i'm going to lay low and not cast on anymore socks 'til june 1st, when a whole new round of challenges commence. in the meantime, i am going to knit on shawls. i cast on a new one yesterday. it's called "echo flower shawl/shawlette". i am using some knitpick's palette in colorway rosehip. this is for mom, by her request, even though we BOTH know she doesn't wear shawls.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


small but all, NC has a fiberfest this weekend at the state fairgrounds! it is part of something much larger, but still, there's a building on site full of fiber!

i did get there early, as i always wake up early on saturday mornings (because i have an 8am meeting each saturday). the festival starts at 10am. of course, i was there when the doors opened.

and i got a few treats.

the biggest treat was something i've been wanting for a long time. a NANTUCKET bag!

check out the link above. these sturdy canvas bags are pretty cool. they're incredibly versatile, as a backpack, tote, pockets inside or out, or even as a flat toolbag.

and what's a fiber festival w/o the fiber?

i got some raspberry colored Dizzy Lizzie's sock yarn, and some ...

UNIQUE handpainted yarn, fingering weight.

of course, i should finish my purple kristi socks before i start something new. maybe.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

i LOVE green socks!

i mean, what's not to love?! first of all, i love this yarn. it's sophie's toes sock yarn. it's been in my stash for a few years. how sad ....



pattern is nancy bush's "rib and cable socks", knitted on 2.5 mm dpns.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

the latest ...

it might appear i'm knitting a slew of new orphans, but i'm just about near the point of actually knitting mates.

the newest orphan sock is a test knit by anotherewe on ravelry. her sock was so pretty, and i wanted to knit it now !, so i offered to test knit.

i am now very close to the toe. i will surely finish this first sock sometime this weekend.

copper diamonds

i'm also enjoying this yarn. it's Evermore Studios Sugar Baby Sock Yarn, in colorway 'copper'. it's a two ply, and has terrific yardage. in the long run, it may not be the best sock yarn (it has no nylon), but it sure is pretty!

i am also making progress on my green cabled socks. i am near beginning the heelflap of the second sock. i also plan to cast on my second kristi sock this weekend.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

an unconventional "pair"

i have finished one each of my kristi sock and 'froggy cables'.

kristi froggy !!!

and i'm too tired to say more ......

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

it's may already?

well, a new month means new projects. and, i've cast on two new ones for my sock knitting groups on ravelry.

first i cast on a classic nancy bush pattern, rib and cable socks, from an old issue of IK magazine. and i used stash! this yarn is by emily parsons, and she calls her yarn sophie's toes. i love her yarn. the dye job is beautiful and it's got a great twist and loft. this colorway is called froggy.

froggy cables

this might be kinda "cheating" for me, as the pattern is not terribly challenging. but, sometimes i need something other than stockinette, but not a total head game.

i am on the toe right now. i usually stall there. thus, to be consistent, i proudly report i have stalled. i can't decide if i should rip back a bit or finish the toe now. i'm afraid my sock foot is too long. hmmmm .... i drive myself crazy.

i am knitting these on 2.5mm dpns as the yarn has lots of "boing" and it's only a 60 st cast on.

my other pair i started a few days ago. i'm knitting kristi from _sock innovation_.


as you can see, i'm using "craft store" yarn. but, i'm liking it very much. i have used it before for both my haruni and bluebells.

twisted traveling stitches

the yarn has a bit of hazy fuzz factor, but still manages to deliver good stitch definition. i'm knitting these on 2.5mm needles as well, as i was concerned the twisted traveling stitches might compromise the stretch of the fabric. but, it has plenty of stretch. i might even have to drop a needle size when i get to the foot.