Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sunday, December 20, 2009

nothing delicate here ....

i have been hookin'. yep. crocheting. i get a bit stressed out this time of year, and switch gears in every direction possible. instead of finishing gifts, i begin new projects. projects with no one in mind. just because. just because i can ....

this past friday, we had some wintery weather here. the first of the season. and, it could be the only wintery weather, as this is the south. it's kinda funny to think that when we do get winter, it comes "up" from altanta, ga.

it snowed for about 20 minutes. where i work, it's like being in a reverse snow globe. i'm surrounded by glass, watching the light, wind, rain, snow, or clouds, all day long. and the other day, i got to see giant snowflakes whirl around. it was lovely.

it made me crave snow even more. and because of the stress, instead of working on projects with a self-imposed deadline, i whipped out some lily sugar'n cream and my G-hook, and got busy making my own flakes.

#31 flake

this first one is in the leisure arts book _99 snowflakes_, and is flake #31. it's HUGE. it measures about 13" from tip to tip.

and this one ...

#30 flake
... it measures about 11" from tip to tip.

yay! i have BIG snowflakes. i love 'em. now, the thing about big snowflakes is that (to me) they mark the end of the snowfall. the snow on friday didn't last long. and i can't keep on making flakes if i am to finish christmas gifts. but, i will revisit. i will make more.

i stiffened these with epsom salt. i joined the crochet snowflakes group on ravelry. they have lots of great tips for making, blocking, and preserving the flakes.

it may take awhile for them to dry, but i could feel their stiffness as i was pinning them out. by the way, the paper blocking template is on an 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper. yes, these are BIG flakes!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

addiction update

yes ... it is an addiction. but that's okay, because i've accepted it ;)

i have not finished the socks in my previous post, and i am on the toe of the socken-mate, because i started the Aestlight Shawl, and i am in love ..... LOVE ! it's love i tell you!

fresh socken yarn

here's the yarn i am using ... fearless fiber's superwash socken yarn. corbett bought this for me in 2007. i had swatched for socks, but was dubious of the gauge/durability. this yarn has great reviews though, and is often knitted at a tighter gauge than most fingering weight yarns (as mine is a 2ply).

the color is called butterscotch ... and it is so butterscotchy. i am knitting this shawl on my knitpicks options 4mm needles. i could not find any "free" addi lace needles in my stash (i think i have some ... but perhaps not). but, the option needles are working out just fine.

i am still on the triangle part, and should take a look at the pattern to see how far i should increase. sigh.

anyways, the yarn is beautiful, the pattern is lovely and simple, and i look forward to having a new shawl in a color i never thought i'd wear around my neck.

Friday, December 11, 2009

a quick fix

i was knitting on some socks for one of my kal's ... but they're not working out. i needed a little "ego boost", so i decided to knit some mindless socks.

(truth be told, i came home to visit with a few of my vacation days. i did not pack lots of projects, books, magazines, yarn, etc, as i usually do. i told myself i was going to work on one pair of socks, and crochet on my hexagon blanket the entire time. well ...when that one pair of socks was not working out, i needed an emergency project. we made a mad dash a couple of towns over, and bought some craft store socken yarn. and let me tell you, it is SO worth it.)

mom's toasted almond socks

next time, i won't be stupid and think i can survive with so few choices. i'd rather drag home a suitcase of supplies, than limit myself.

but, i am liking this yarn very much. it's red heart & sole sock yarn in the colorway 'toasted almond'. i have some solids in my stash, but this is the first time working with this yarn. so far, so good.

mom really likes them, so i'm making them mom-sized. i finished the first sock in two days, and cast on the mate last night. it seems that the mate is knitting up same as the first, stripes and all.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

cerveza? that's not german!

camo beer

i don't know about you, but the holiday time is a bit stressful and fabulous for me. the time is mixed up due to having a dysfunctional family, holiday gatherings, and birthdays.

and in between, are blue skies, cheap beer, and knitting with good friends. such as on this fabulous day last weekend ....


ms. k-smack and i had a rendezvous at one of our favorite spots in the area, Mo Joe's in raleighwood. we started off with some cheap beer and fries, then later i had an inferno burger, with all the trimmings.

we knitted, had "show-n'tell", gossiped, and enjoyed one of those rare, amazing, carolina blue skies.

interjection: knitterly review .... ms. k-smack is wearing her licorice jacket (rav. link) and my goblin sock around her neck.

but, that's not where the knitting stops. the knitting never stops. in the picture above, i was knitting on my beerweisensockencozy. i do not even claim to know any german ... it's just fun to make up words ... and german is the most wonderful language composed of multi-meanings.

(sigh) i am tired now. the sun has gone down on the planet hoth.