Sunday, October 19, 2014

i hate cockroaches & kakerlake


i moved an old piece of furniture today, and found these 2 remains ….



they are big! here, in the south, sometimes people call them "water bugs" … ???!

i call them moth__-fuc___s.

H A T E ! H A T E ! H A T E!

pictured with american and old italian coins for size …….

Saturday, October 18, 2014

the month is already passing too quickly!

i am working 10 hour shifts these days, so there's not much time for things i want to do, or need to do. of course, i try to do the necessary things first. however, the "want to do" is more fun!


i guess this falls under the "want to do".

next weekend, i am going to SAFF. i'm SO looking forward to next weekend.

in preparation for next weekend, i told myself that i should finish crocheting this shawl. i started this shawl last year, when i purchased my yarn in miss bab's booth.

here's a picture of my yarn purchase from last year.

BeFunky Grunge 1 on iPhone

the yarn is called "yet" lace … and i cannot sing any higher praises!

so, i started working again on the tricolore scialle … and though i accomplished much early on, i eventually ran into so many problems that i stopped working on it.

since i started this shawl, the pattern has been updated. the pattern is much better now … with illustrations and stitch counts.

with the updated pattern in hand, i revisited this project.





it is completed … mistakes & all … though no one will find them. i hope to wear this next weekend.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

starry starry night

… this is a favorite tune from the past. and i think about this song each time i'm knitting on my pogona shawlette.

saff scarf socks 086

i purchased this yarn in 2009 at SAFF. i was more into sock knitting then vs. now. however, i never found a sock pattern "worthy" of this beautiful yarn.

recently, i found a shawlette pattern definitely worthy! … the pogona (stephen west design).


the yarn is Dragonfly Fibers Djinni Sock. it's L O V E L Y ! ! ! … and the colorway is called "starry night". starry starry night …...

so, would a man wear this? i wonder …..

Sunday, October 05, 2014

stupid hook!

i cannot find it … stupid hook! apparently i have a 4mm clover hook. where? i don't know. and i want to finish a crochet project with the same hook. where is it? i don't know!


the pictures are dark. it is autumn here … the light is fading. however … stupid hook!


not too long from now (about 2 weeks), i'm going home to visit SAFF … and i want to show off my finished shawl(ette).

i can finish it now, but not without this hook. i might have to find a different 4mm hook in my stash. this makes me grumpy.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

i'm knitting a sweater!

…. not that this is "news". but, this one will likely be finished in a reasonable amount of time, and then i can start another.

i'm thinking, i'm more excited about what i might start next instead of what i am working on.

however, this is the heather raglan from knitscene winter/spring 2010.


the yarn used in the pattern is 100% alpaca … which i do have in my stash, but by a different company.

i knitted, washed & blocked my swatch.


and all's good.


i'm happily knitting away … and hoping that i don't end up looking like the michelin tire man! i don't think i will, because of the drape of alpaca vs. wool.

what else is up? S H O E S ! ! !


i got a new pair of shoes today, for the fall (and summer, winter, etc ….).

they are red leather clogs, and they are super-comfy!


they are too casual to wear to work, except on fridays.

and, they also require me to knit some other sweaters to go with the new shoes. isn't that how life is?

Sunday, September 14, 2014

one for me, one for him

the for me part is something i didn't knit.

this is hitchhiker. knitted by deb.


she gave this to me the other day --- and i love it!

the yarn she used is a non-wool sock yarn. i do not have the label, however i used something similar when i made my patchwork socks.

the weather is a bit cooler today, and i've been home most of the day --- i have been wearing it around the house.

… finished project #2 … for marco ….


i finished his socks, but i cannot get them to photograph well. either the color is off, or it's hard to see the stitch pattern.


the color and stitch pattern are better in this shot.

the socks will be a christmas gift, only because sending a package to italy is expensive and unreliable. airfare and a personal visit is definitely the way to go!

i have also finished my pink malabrigo lace banana leaf scarf. it just needs to be blocked (schmutzie volunteered to block it for me).

i'm itching. ITCHING. to cast on something new … but should probably finish other projects first.

Monday, September 01, 2014

pink & green ….. pink & green

happy labor day!

i love a weekday off, especially a monday. however, tomorrow will be twice as challenging.

1st of the month, first business day of the month, … after a 3 day weekend ….

but, back to the knitting!


pink & green!

on the left is my banana leaf shawl. it's lovely. i've never knitted with malabrigo lace before --- but all the rumors are true.

it is delicate (though i've not broken it yet). the end of my scarf has gotten fuzzy (especially the tail where i cast on), and it's deliciously soft!

i bought two hanks of yarn. i fell in love with the 1st hank (a soft pink). but, i could not find a good match for hank #2. i chose the closest one to it.

when i wound the yarn, the yarn i started with was the nice soft pink. as i progressed, the shade grew darker.

i wound the second hank. it was darker --- so i rewound to find the other end which was lighter. the colors are blending well.


the color changes are not due to the angle of my camera or the light, but the dye of the yarn.


here's the green part … sock #2 of marco's socks.

now, both projects have entered the realm of "mindlessness" … i can work on either, without a pattern.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

green or blue?

for years, green was my favorite color. i still ♥ love ♥ green, but now i'm loving the color blue more … more specifically, navy blue.

i think it's because my hair has grown more silver, and i prefer how i look in a dark blue instead of green. or maybe, because my new glasses are a combination of a deep purplish blue and a lighter blue (though, i had also fallen in love with a green pair).

nevertheless … the socks i'm knitting now are green.


i've made all kinds of progress since my photo a few days ago. the color is a bit bluish in this photo --- the actual color is a bit more of an army green.

i'm not accustomed to knitting man-socks. they are bigger. more yarn. more knitting. but i don't mind. i have SO MANY SOCKS. and when marco visits, it will be winter here. and my apartment is cold … especially the floors.

though i have a ton of socks, my best protection from the cold floors are these nasty slippers!


for me, this is hitting the limit of publicly sharing … these are my ancient nasty nasty slippers. they are stained. worn. all kinds of nasty.

but i haven't found a replacement pair. they are down slippers, 'mule' style. made by sierra designs. i would gladly buy a replacement pair if i could figure out where. they are the warmest slippers ever. and i will keep wearing them until they deteriorate completely or i find worthy replacements.