Sunday, April 26, 2015

finished !!!


wow … finished it!

… this is my linen tee … knitted from the quince & co "sparrow" in the pattern "lena tee".

i had my doubts. i first doubted the number of hanks needed (pattern in my size calls for 5 hanks, i feared it might take 6) --- i bought an extra hank, "just in case", but sold it to a friend tonight.

then i doubted if it would be long enough. and it is.

i doubted if the armholes would flare a bit from the garter stitch. but it tamed after washing/blocking.


my coconut butterfly from the dominican republic

but, i all worked out. the drape is amazing! i read on the quince & co. website that the best way to "block" is to toss the finished garment into the washing machine, and then dry in the dryer until almost dry, then 'block'.

mine was almost dry when i pulled it from the dryer. i tugged and reshaped, and then hung on a clothes hanger.

it's perfect.



want to buy it? $400 !!!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

twice in one day?

i finally gave in an upgraded my iCloud … which is helpful for all my photos.

so this evening, i'm crocheting on my blanket. i hadn't touched it in at least a week, but tonight wanted to work on it.


i've started another hexagon. it's #19. the pattern calls for 35 hexagons, but i'm thinking my blanket will be smaller (a lap blanket vs. bedspread).

i knitted a bit on my lena tee, but then switched over to the crochet.

yes, i have switched from knitting a fine linen top to crocheting an acrylic blanket. tisk tisk.


this is knitted from the bottom up. i have finished all of the back (or front) and am knitting from the armholes up to the top on the other side.

we'll see …...

what's new?


and if i could get all my photos i want to share to cooperate, then i could post them here. however, i'm having some technical issues today.

but i did manage to upload a few yesterday, so i'll start with these:


i got a new fish. i always joke, "you have to be really tough to live with me", … but it's not a joke. my other fish died, and he wasn't even "old".

mom and i always joke about keeping things alive. it's in reference to the sandra bullock film 28 days. at the end of the film, she's in a flower shop … and i'll leave it at that. the last time i watched it was possibly on netflix. i'm not sure -- i know it's not available for streaming via netflix right now.

anyways, so i got a new fish. have i named it? no. maybe that's part of my problem … i don't name things. i never named my truck, but it's been going strong since summer of '96.

what have i been doing with my time other than work? … i've been trying to find a routine. apparently it's taking more time than i thought. it's a process.

tomorrow, i plan to get back into this routine:


i don't even care if it's raining in the morning --- i've got to start my walking again. i know it will make me feel better in all kinds of ways.

shoes are by the door, and the alarm is set.

if only knitting (and crochet) counted as "activity"! if they did, then i've been quite busy in that "activity".

a friend and i had a KAL (knit-a-long). i wanted to knit a certain sweater, and wanted her to knit it too (because 1. she has the yarn in stash, 2. she needed to knit something for herself, 3. some things are fun when done with someone else, 4. i had the yarn in stash, 5. i was going to knit it anyways!, 6. and i got the yarn from her on a bet (which she lost)).


so, of course, being the monogamous knitter she is … she finished before me. UGH.

i have finished, but i haven't sewn my pieces together yet.


i have sewn together the back and sleeves. i'm just not feeling motivated. but, that may change.

i'm thinking after i get my yarn back on the needles for part 2 of my other summer tee, i'll feel more like finishing the albany sweater.

she keeps saying, "just sew 1 seam a day" … easier said than done. and, quite logical.

but, my mornings are busy, and then there's the job, and then the evenings are something else.

i have started 2 new sweaters since "not finishing" the above sweater. i'm quite the productive procrastinator.

tonight, i'm going to knit on my Lena Tee. i will find something new to watch on netflix. i might sew a seam on the other tee. might. don't count on it.


rear-view driving home a couple of weeks ago … awesome sunset !!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


socks use to be my mindless knitting. something i could work on to occupy time as i multi-tasked.

lately, when i want a mindless project, i reach for my crochet blanket project ...


i'm on my 14th hexagon.

i'm still i awe of how beautiful this blanket is --- i love the texture and color!

by the way, i finally decided on the fit of my juniper. it's blocked, and worn 3 days in a row !!!


Sunday, March 15, 2015

cooking & sewing


see those 2 cans of condensed soup? apparently i can't read labels.

my recipe called for condensed cream of mushroom. i thought the soup looked kinda funny as i emptied the cream of chicken into the crockpot.

but, i didn't really think about it today until i was making my second batch, and the soup looked like it actually had mushrooms in it.


i'm using a recipe from one of my WW books, _slow cook it_. the recipe is on page 59. it's called "Double Mushroom-Smothered Pork Chops".

the version i made yesterday isn't exactly "double mushroom" since i used cream of chicken!

today's version should be spot on!

i just wanted to try something different for this week's meals. i also have some red potatoes roasting in the oven, and i need to chop up some celery.

yesterday was a sewing frenzy …


i bought the fabrics in january, with the intention of sewing them much sooner than yesterday.

however, they are done! these are the same pennants i've sewn before from this tutorial.

they are soon to be shipped to another state for a friend's event.

BeFunky Instant 1 on iPhone


here's a couple of shots of the fabrics when i purchased them.

and here's what they look like (not the same fabric --- this is from another set i sewed awhile back) finished.


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

aaaaahhhh … choooo !!!!!




this is interfering with my 1) jobby-job that funds my fun and roof and 2) sleep and 3) crafting.


Monday, March 09, 2015


remember the previous post --- well, i've got it!

i figured out the pattern for the crochet afghan.

and, it's really really really pretty!




i took the pattern and yarn home … mom had already given it a "go". but she got stuck like i did.

the pattern doesn't have a chart. i love charts --- they make it easier to figure out where to put the hook when unsure.

however, i muddled through it.

and, i think i've got it (well enough).

what i've done so far … i've made 6 hexagons and 2 filler squares. i'm on my 7th hexagon. i'm thinking for the size blanket i want that i will need 30 hexagons.

i'm on my second skein of yarn (used up my first, and stole mom's skein). this yarn doesn't have dye lots. if i want to continue to work on this throughout the week, i'll have to find another skein or 2. OR, just work on other things until the weekend.

what i like about this --- the texture! and, it has a "join as you go" technique … which means, no sewing together parts. i'll have to weave in ends, but that's easy enough, especially if i do that as i finish my pieces.

the pattern is the Versailles Matelasse Afghan (click link!).

Sunday, March 01, 2015


…. this blanket.

it's crocheted.

i sent the pattern as a gift to my mom.

and i tried to test out a single motif tonight … (didn't work out … for me).


however, i did decide on the yarn. though i prefer "vanna's choice" for this type of project, i found this shade of "simply soft" readily available …. in "autumn maize". it's very pretty!

tomorrow i will print out the pattern and give it a 'go'. i can do it. but there are way too many distractions lately (like, the last 6 months) …...