Wednesday, October 28, 2015


yep. an unusual title for a post ... but it is knitting related.

i haven't had cable tv (never have had satellite) in maybe 11 years? there are things i'd like to watch on cable tv, but it's too expensive, and i've found i can live without it. i like lots of different channels, and i don't think they're sold "a la carte". regardless, it's a time suck, and i'm pretty awesome at finding multiple ways to practice avoidance behavior.

i do have Netflix, and it's worth every penny! i love to binge watch tv shows. that sounds unhealthy, right?

right now, i'm watching ALIAS. i never watched it when it was broadcast on regular television. i'd heard of it, but was probably busy doing other things.

the first year i went to SAFF (2007), there was a yarn dyer that sold "tv yarns".

day 1 of SAFF


see the crazy hot pink & black/gray yarn? ... i knew nothing of the tv show, but liked the colors. it sat in stash forever .....

flash forward, 2013 ... i finally wound a hank into a ball!

BeFunky Instant 1 on iPhone
i knitted monkey socks. keep in mind, still ... never seen the tv show. 

BeFunky Filmstrip 5 on iPhone
so, it was laundry day this past weekend, and i was washing these socks.

and i laughed at myself for loving this yarn for so long, bought with the tv show name alias, and finally, finally, decided to watch this on netflix.


so, finally, finally, ... i've worn my alias socks with netflix! yarn & tv have united !!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


i was a very productive knitter this past summer, but not a very productive blogger.

in my last post, i was just finishing up my beeline sweater. i finished it just 2 days after that post.






since finishing, i have worn it a few times, and will likely be wearing it this coming weekend when i go to SAFF. the farm i've purchased this yarn from is on the vendor list for the event. although there will be some very popular vendors there (ie: miss babs), i really like this little farm from morganton, nc.


i think this was the last summer top i completed. it's the western slope tee, knitted in lindy chain. it photographs well, it fits well, but i haven't even worn it.

i feel i need to crochet around the armholes, or pick up in knit and bind off, to tame the flaring of the garter stitch edges. i have a wee ball of yarn left, possibly enough for that bit of finishing. and with the season change, i'm not enthusiastic about that task at the moment.

it was a love/hate knit too ... constantly worrying if i'd have enough yarn to knit the top. i did have enough, barely.

they yarn i really like! but it's tricky to finish. the yarn is a chainette and it will unravel. i made little knots at the cut end before weaving in.




oh, and i got a "new to me" car this summer ... it's a 2010 Hyundai Elantra. i still have the truck, with no plans to sell it. but it's such a different ride. so different.