Tuesday, February 25, 2014

(-) progress

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so, i keep messing up. the lace pattern is only a 2 row repeat --- but when i get to the end of the row, sometimes the numbers don't add up.

though the pattern is relatively simple, it still needs diligence.

i'm progressing at a 1 step forward 2 steps back pace. ugh.

regardless, this yarn is extra yummy! it's beautiful! and this shawl will be awesome when completed!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

awesome crochet shawl!

i had an awesome saturday --- i got to give my friend schmutzie her birthday presents (a cut steel heart shaped lantern, plus the two project bags i sewed) --- and we spent the day at our lys (yarn tree studio) to watch the action for their 3rd year anniversary & sale.


i was knitting on a summer sweater i started (pictures later), and when i got home, i started the shawl.

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did i mention i'm going to Italy this summer?! ---- i'm not sure which shawl will accompany me, but i did pick out this pattern and yarn for the trip. maybe.

more pictures and details later --- back to netflix and crocheting now!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Sunday, February 09, 2014

project bags


for christmas/birthday, my friend schmutzie got me one of these ravelry project bags (in center). it's a good sized bag --- about 12" x 16".

i use it a lot of my larger projects. i only have 1.

schmutzie had gotten one for herself as well --- and she really likes it. so she requested to have another one, but in this crazy fabric i found at my local Joann store.

the one she requested was this …



the one she didn't ask for (and doesn't know about) is this …



she's not irish, but german. her birthday is valentine's day, but i couldn't find this type of print in the valentine scheme --- so she's getting the next holiday option :p

regardless --- it's a good sized bag for a knitting project larger than a sock (such as her sweater projects).

it was fairly quick & easy.

i had searched a lot on google --- looking for tutorials, getting ideas.

i kept it very simple. i didn't even use my serger, but instead zig-zagged around the edges.

so, this can be done with just a regular sewing machine that has straight stitch and zig-zag.


i cut out 2 rectangles (13" x 17"). i finished the edges first with my zig-zag.

then i sewed around the 2 long edges and the bottom (but on one long edge, i kept a gap of about 1 1/2 - 2" for the casing.)

the picture above shows my "fabulous" sewing job --- i pressed and sewed the edge where the casing opening would be, and also pressed under the top edge's zig-zag and stitched for the casing.

it's really easy.

typically, i would line a project bag, but she requested no lining --- and frankly --- it doesn't really need a lining. it's just a drawstring bag to stuff a project into, or stuff anything into.

i will definitely have to do this again --- whether as a bag for myself in this size, or something smaller from a fat quarter.

oh! i also used a template to cut the fabric …


it looks like a mat for a photo, but i cut out my rectangle in this poster board. i was shopping at walmart for just white poster board, and they were out --- then i spotted this package of 3 sheets with a 1/2" grid lightly printed on it.


(almost) leg warmer


i started this project 2 nights ago. i am making the Long Walks leg warmers.

i found this pattern via ravelry. it's a free download. i am making the smallest size, with the needles called for in the pattern (3 and 3.5mm). i'm knitting it with magic loop too --- as it's easy to try on for size as i work from knee to ankle.

the color of the yarn is a very pale green, almost grayish. i liked it once. i might like it again. if i don't, i can always over-dye it.

this yarn is a "blast from the past" --- very old cynthia helene merino dk. it's awesome yarn! the stitch definition is crisp, and the wool is super wash. i have more in stash, … i actually started out with a sweater amount --- but i'm never going to knit this stuff into a sweater.

instead, 2-3 balls will make me some fabulous leg warmers. the remaining balls will probably find a similar fate. the yarn doesn't have to stay this pale zombie green -- it can always become something new on the stove top =)

Saturday, February 08, 2014

keeping warm

i haven't finished my ♥ cowl ♥ yet … though i'm very close to the end. i will finish by valentine's day nevertheless.

last night, i was looking for a mindless project, and didn't want to cast on a new pair of socks.

instead, i started some leg warmers

(whoops! no pictures! (yet))

( i thought i had pictures already uploaded)

okay, instead … i bought a hank of cotton today.

i had a great day hanging out with schmutzie.

this is the yarn i got. it's a fingering weight hand-dyed cotton --- all "made in the USA".

i'll use it in either knit or crochet. i will make a shawl or shawlette.

so, here's the cool part. the yarn shop has a motorized ball winder now!




i do not need such a gadget --- but it's super cool!

and aside --- the yarn is lovely. i cannot wait to start something new with it. i think it whatever it will be, it will also be a companion with my trip to italy this summer.

Sunday, February 02, 2014

♥ L O V E ♥

love, knitter-style!

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and this is what i've been working on this weekend … it's called Love actually is all around.

it's a free pattern from knitty.

i was doing a search the other day via ravelry for ideas for valentine's day, and rediscovered this pattern. i didn't want it in obvious valentine colors, so went with the black & white (and i wish my white was a bit less bright, but i'm not changing it now).

the cool part of this pattern is that it's double-knit! … thus, the other side is the reverse.

it took me 3 times to just get the cast on and set up row started. that's equivalent to at least 2 movies on netflix :p

but once i got started, it's been much much easier.

BeFunky Instant 1 on iPhone


it's highly likely mine will come out a bit larger than the pattern intends. if it is too big, then i will just fold it over and pin it.

the edgy kerchief




speed crochet --- that's what this was. i was crocheting as fast as i could.

i started on january 18th and finished on the 24th. yesterday, i folded it up and dropped it in the mail.

this pattern is called "edgy kerchief". the pattern has not yet been released, as the testing period is not yet over. but my ravelry project page is here. i will link my page to the pattern once the pattern is officially uploaded to ravelry.

the yarn i used is knitpick's curio. ♥ love it !!! ♥  it is a lace weight cotton thread (similar to a size 10 thread, but not as stiff --- and comes in a really great color palette).

it is wrapped around a little cardboard tube, and the yarn is 100 grams, 721 yards, and the little cotton tube inside weighs 3 grams (i know this because i emailed knitpicks to ask this question --- and they responded regarding the weight of the tube inside).

the colorway i used here is called "ivy". it's a really nice dark dark shade of green, but it attracts fuzzies like a magnet.

it's quite affordable, so i may consider it for a garment in the future. i hope knitpicks keeps this line and expands the colors!