Sunday, April 21, 2013

where was i ?

so, knitting!

i have not finished my pollen/asparagus scarf, because when i was knitting the bind off with beads on the provisional cast on edge ... i ran out of yarn. that said, i'm probably going to "undo" that first row of knitting to get more yarn, as i don't really have anymore yarn.

that project is in time out.

but, there are other projects fresh on the needles.


this sock is knitted with leftovers, and yes, i am stranding!

and i'm SO SLOW at it. but, it's pretty.

my current dilemma is that i might run out of the purple yarn i'm using for the heelflap. i need it to last through the heel, and the first 4 rounds of the instep. as i look at my wee leftover dwindling, i might just have to rip it now and save myself some time and disappointment.

in the meantime, i did start another stranded project. seriously. what am i thinking?!


this pattern is a called senta ... one of those fabulous free downloads from ravelry.

this pattern has called to me for a long time ... and i used the pattern chart in my giant acrylic infinity scarf.

the picture above shows one entire chart repeat.

the yarns are:
  • sock-ease in colorway "marshmallow", purchased yesterday at 50% off at joann's, and ....
  • dyed by me knitpick's fingering wool/nylon
i love the look of stranded socks --- i just wish i was a bit more proficient.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

the pollen

we're amidst what i call the yellow haze. it's the time of year when the pollen is out of control. it's a rite of passage for spring. it's when it gets too hot outside (and inside) --- too early to turn on the AC, so you're suckered into opening the windows --- and the pollen enters.


by the way, the colors are a bit "off", but i swear my place has been dusted in a shade akin to chalk.

even my black skirts look kinda greenish now.

maybe that's how i was seduced into knitting a cotton springtime scarf from the different shades of pollen? the designer calls this color 'asparagus', but as i hack and wheeze, i'm calling it pollen.

but, to make my pollen prettier, i went out and got some beads for it.

hahahahahaha! i rewarded my pollen !!!


the beads have a yellowish center, with a green tint in the clear area.

i really thought i'd finish my scarf this weekend, until i cast on a new sock instead.

(sigh) ... i'll share that later.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

the pink needles ...

... oh, and the yellow haze. spring is definitely here. yesterday, i thought i saw a hint of pollen on my truck. but today, ... it was quite obvious.

i only bring this up because when i got home, i wanted to take pictures of my bias scarf & the cool vintage needles i'm using on it.

i took my stuff outside, to the picnic bench, and had to blow off the pollen. of course, i didn't realize how much pollen was on this outdoor furniture, until after i had sat in it. ugh.

anyways ... here's one of my cute project bags!


i got this bag a year or so ago, when i was participating in a group that does swaps (the danger crafts group on ravelry).

i grabbed it this morning, and shoved my project inside (i like for my project bag & yarn to kinda match).


now, my project isn't that "huge", the bag is petite (for socks and mini-monsters). the measurement on the bottom long edge is about 6".

my needles are longer than the bag, but fit nicely on the diagonal.


and here's what i've been lovin' ... the PINK NEEDLES !!! i have no idea how old they are, but they're clearly vintage. and they knit like a dream.

i got them years ago, probably when i bought a random lot of needles off of ebay, or maybe from a yard sale, or thrift store --- i don't remember.


now, this is just me playing with all the fun photo apps (via befunky on my iphone, and aviary in flickr).

Monday, April 08, 2013


... that's the name of the color of my yarn for this scarf.

i started yesterday. i first started with the size 6 needle (4mm) and then had my doubts. i changed to a size 4 needle, and then upgraded to my size 5's (3.75mm).


these needles are pretty awesome. they are serious vintage. i'll take a picture of them later though.

but, they're perfect for this project. they're short straights, and they're "bendy" --- they are a soft pink plastic.

my yarn glides smoothly on them, and the needles flex with my hands.

so now, i only have miles & miles of boring mindless knitting.

Saturday, April 06, 2013

carolina fiber fest

what a beautiful day! today (and tomorrow) is the carolina fiber fest. some friends and i packed into a car and zipped on south to sanford, nc.

this fiber fest use to be in raleigh, nc ... but i think they wanted to be able to have a bigger & better event with more animals ... so this location is truly ideal =)

and, this weekend, they are blessed with awesome weather!


yep, that's me ... baking in the sun ... at a whopping 59*. i was cooking. my friends were off & about, shopping and networking. me? ... i just wanted to knit on my sock. i was done shopping.


to my right is a hank of yarn. i bought this at a booth by gerschubie fiber arts.


while i was sitting out there, i managed to wind my hank into a ball.

i'm not sure what i want to knit with this yet. of course, my first thought is socks! ... she said it is superwash, but i am skeptical. while i was winding the yarn, i felt it had quite a bit of "grab" or "tooth".

perhaps i will knit socks, and then a swatch --- and test the swatch --- to see if it passes the "felting" test.

so, that's all i got, until it was time to leave. and then, i found some other stuff.

i revisited this booth by KSC Designs. awesome stuff!

really ... i've been sewing since the age of 10. i've made dresses, gowns, pants, men shirts, swimwear, etc. i've sewn ...... so, i can appreciate the time, materials, and work that goes into the process & product.

her stuff is so well made. i wanted to buy everything. i wanted a crochet hook case, a dpn case, a long thingy to hang my circular needles from, and _____ .... stuff.

but, i only got a wee cute mini-notebook cover (when my  notebook is full, i can swap it out), and a nice zipped tote.



isn't it cute?! ... and functional!!!

so, that was a done deal. and as i looked at the various cases, and couldn't decide, and then i fell for this zippy tote.


it's quite roomy. it could be a (summer) weekend bag (if you don't pack like me!). i love that it has a zipper, because i totally hate it when i hit the breaks and my bag falls over, and everything falls out of it.


check out the sweet fabric ... little blue birds & mushrooms, and a splash of red. those little cherries or apples or, whatever they are, look like little balls of yarn to me. SOLD.

here's the inside. the base is firm vs. rigid, and is removable so i can wash my tote. she (dani miller) said, i can wash my bag in the machine, and press for finishing.

there are a couple of interior pockets inside as well. of course, i have my wishes for more pockets, and zippers, etc ... and all that labor would of course push the price up. kudos for the tote!

and double kudos for "made in the US". really!

after i got my tote, my friends and i regrouped at wolle's creations's booth. i ♥ love ♥ her yarn!

and i fell for this colorway ---- asparagus !!!


it's pretty. it makes me think of spring. and i'm going to knit something rather mindless with it ... i'm going to knit the bias 'before & after' scarf by churchmouse.

i will use the provisional cast on, as i want to add beads to each end.  i did consult with elisabeth, and she said she used a size 4mm needle. i have a pair of straights in that size, so ... hasta luego!

Monday, April 01, 2013

not a joke!

i got home this afternoon --- and it was a such a pretty day for a drive. i have actually (mostly) unpacked, and while putting away my socks, i frowned at my socks i had finished in january.

i got this knitpicks handpainted yarn as a christmas present.  i quickly knitted up a pair of stockinette socks. they were so pretty! i'm not sure how many times i've worn and washed them in the last few months, but they are already looking bad.



the color has faded, and the yarn has kinda felted! 

i stopped unpacking and looked up the phone number to knitpicks and called.

i got a very nice phone representative in the customer service department that said & did all the right things. she express empathy and immediately offered to right this wrong.

i have been handknitting socks since the mid 90's. my socks are either washed in a front load machine, or a top load on the wool cycle, and they they are hung to dry. i've never had a sock yarn do this in such little time.

my yarn is going to be replaced, and i will knit another pair of socks. thank you!

and for this pair? i don't know ... maybe make a stupid sock creature?


i picked up these books the other day at joann's with my 40% off coupons. the book on the right is a sequel to stupid sock creatures. since that book was published in 2005 (i think i purchased my copy the end of 2006), mom & i have made numerous creatures --- including the beloved stuart.

so, maybe this pair of socks should become something new? ... i'll keep y'all posted! ps --- i left the book at my mom's house incase she wants to make a creature, but the socks are here with me. crap. hahahahaha!

happy easter!


stuart & lucy had a grand day! they were up bright and early, digging through their easter eggs, and hoarding their miniature sized "prizes".

and, i got some knitting done ...


mom and i visited her local hobby lobby store on friday, and i got a couple of balls of red heart's "heart & sole" sock yarn. this colorway is called antique rose, and i'm knitting the jaywalker sock pattern.

apparently, if i'm counting right, this will be the 8th pair of jaywalkers i've knitted.

that's a lot (of the same pattern). BUT, it's a really great pattern --- i love how how it makes an ordinary self-striping sock yarn into and extraordinary sock!

i'm also contemplating making the 2nd sock of this pair with a different pattern (such as skew), just incase i get bored with sock #2.