Monday, June 30, 2014

my new doily

trust me, i have a friend that constantly (with ♥ love ♥ ) refers to my crafting as "granny crafts" … and when it comes to doilies, i have to somewhat nod in agreement.

but, i do everything backwards.

my first knitting project was a sweater.

my first crochet (chains don't count!) was an afghan.

and now, i'm kinda "hooked" on doilies.


this is the update of the one i posted yesterday.

i work full-time, and have overtime today and tomorrow, so my crochet is from stolen moments or lack of sleep.

i really want to finish this one by the 4th, but i doubt that will happen.

because … when i'm trying to squeeze in crocheting, i often make mistakes, and have to rip it out and redo.

this pattern is rather simple --- and my book has written & charted instructions. but i'm only on round 12 of 27 --- and there's more to life here than making things (ugh!).

Sunday, June 29, 2014

crafty times!

progress --- YES ! --- so, i'm about to split the neck on my insouciant summer silk tee.

i started a mindless sock recently to keep my head from exploding.

i finished (and started) a doily.

here's the sock …


i don't remember when i bought the yarn. it's a regia sock yarn though.

on the label says, "made in italy"! i liked it when i bought it. then, i didn't care for it that much. when i cast it on, i did out of desperation to have a sock on the needles … with mindless knitting.

i picked this self-striping yarn because i figured worst case scenario, if i didn't like it, i could over dye it.

but, i really like it! … the colors and how wide the stripes are. it's a keeper.

i'm on the toe now … and will cast on #2 after finishing this one.

next, a finished doily …


looking at this picture, and photos of the other finished ones on ravelry, i perhaps should had blocked this to be more of a hexagon.

now, it doesn't matter. the last round was a _____ (insert expletive).

i do love crochet, but the instructions are so much different compared to knitting.

in crochet, each row/round is written as a run-on sentence. so, when i'm looking at the instructions, and then work on my thread/yarn … i've completely lost my space in the instructions.

so, today, i got a helper.

post-it notes "flags" !


these little guys will help me follow my patterns. i've had some before, and they are worth the money.

i started another doily …


this one is in white thread. my 1st in white thread. this will be my last one for the next month i think … due to vacation and other projects.

i want to finish this one by the 4th --- as a holiday decoration --- with my other blue and red ones.

Monday, June 23, 2014

home sick, but still productive

i'm not 100% today, so i am home. but, i'm still knitting.

yesterday i finished my 2nd sleeve of insouciant, and have since started the last piece (the front).

this is a silk tee. the yarn is made by habu, and i'm knitting with 2 strands held together.

i've never knitted with any of their yarns before -- or even double stranded --- but, i like it. and i can see splurging again and making another 'luxury' garment.

the silk is dry, yet has a luster to it. it's also a little bit tweedy.

i do have to pay attention somewhat, to make sure i've knitted both strands and don't leave 1/2 a stitch hanging.

the knitting is rather mindless.

what i'm hoping for is a big, oversized, sloppy (yet stylish) silk tee shirt.

if it doesn't look good on me, it will look good on schmutzie (she says, "everyone looks good in blue!").

Sunday, June 22, 2014

fun knitting day with schmutzie

schmutzie and i had a good time yesterday visiting, knitting, and then grilling (girl-style).

BeFunky Grunge 2 on iPhone

even though i took over lots of choices including crochet, i mostly worked on my 'insouciant' silk tee.

i finished the back, and started & completed one sleeve, and started sleeve #2.

i'd forgotten how mindless this kind of knitting is --- which was really enjoyable after struggling with crochet instructions all week.

BeFunky Grunge 2 on iPhone

schmutzie is working on a linen pullover in a smaller gauge.

BeFunky Grunge 2 on iPhone

my yarn is pretty fine too (lace weight silk), but i'm using it double stranded.

BeFunky Grunge 2 on iPhone

and i'm using my "new" bug fabric bag i sewed earlier this week.

BeFunky Grunge 2 on iPhone

BeFunky Grunge 2 on iPhone

and for dinner, we had beef brats with a macaroni salad -- and we forgot the pickles (still in the fridge!)!

BeFunky Grunge 3 on iPhone

Thursday, June 19, 2014

still hookin' … and sewing ….

BeFunky Grunge 2 on iPhone

i'm kinda surprised at how few doily books i can find in my local craft store. perhaps they are "out of fashion" ?

i was glad to find this booklet however, as it has written and charted instructions! … better yet, i like all the designs in it.

so, i started a new one, in a shade of (aunt lydia's) thread called "french rose". it's a coral-pink. and i did not take a picture, but you can see all the color ways offered here.

there are loads of free patterns available, but i prefer to work from charts --- and most patterns are written.

i took off early from work (without pay! … but freedom is priceless!) … and was somewhat productive. i finished the project bag i started yesterday for myself, and also made one for a friend.

BeFunky Grunge 2 on iPhone

on the left is my bag --- made with *patriotic* bug fabric, and on the right … her's, made with ridiculous beefy-man fabric.

last week, when schmutzie and i had spoken, she asked if there was a new "beefy-man-fabric" for the upcoming 4th of july holiday. i told her there was, but i hadn't gotten any because it was lame (no watermelon?! no dripping ice cream cones?! no baseball?! … HOTDOGS! HELLO?!).

so when i was out & about last weekend, i revisited the red, white & blue cotton section of the fabric store, and got a cut of fabric for her.


she will enjoy!

for myself, i liked the bugs with silver glitter ….


… thus, 2 new bags.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

2 finished projects --- one sewing, one crocheted!

for the sewing category, i made another set of pennants.


i picked out these fabrics yesterday when i was out & about. i only got a 1/4 yard of each (all on sale).

i used that same tutorial i posted before, but with 1/4 yard, i can only get 11 triangles instead of 12. so, i spaced them out a bit more.


i've only made one pennant banner thus far, … i did go ahead and cut the blues and pinned them, for when i feel again like sewing.


of all the fabrics, this one with the birds is my favorite.


yesterday, i also got a small blocking board. i do have other surfaces i can block on (for sweaters, shawls, etc), but this small one has a grid with squares and circles --- perfect for my doilies!

this doily is called "peony doily" (this links you to ravelry). i have at least 4 balls of red heart crochet thread (size 10), and i wanted to do something with it. i did a lot of searching on ravelry for doily patterns (free ones). this was pretty. i'm pleased with how it came out, and i started a second in a peacock blue.

tonight, i might crochet for a bit, and then switch to knitting. i downloaded a pattern today to use with some of my stash. the pattern is called "imagine when". it's really amazing --- i'm hoping this will be my mindless project.

Saturday, June 14, 2014


mom reminded me this morning of today's significance. it is flag day.

once i realized that, i grabbed one of my 4th of july pennants and hung it up outside.




in the south, flag day is not as large a celebration as i've seen observed up north (i.e. new york). and, i've also seen very quite days in upstate new york on 4th of july, when all's crazy down south.


i've started a new crochet doily, from the book _99 little doilies_.


i picked up this book last night, and used a gift card to pay for it.

i'm on a crochet kick right now. i have been for a bit.

i do ♥ love ♥ crochet, but it requires more attention. i have to read every word of instruction, and watch every stitch. but the end result is lovely.

Sunday, June 08, 2014

something new

i finished my top. all the ends have been hidden, all the sewing complete.

this is the photo i took yesterday before i completed the finishing work.

BeFunky Grunge 1 on iPhone

the color is accurate in the above photo.

but today, i took it outside to shoot photos on my dress form.

BeFunky Hue on iPadBeFunky Hue on iPadBeFunky Hue on iPadBeFunky Matte on iPad

… and i played with one of my photo apps to "see" it in other colors!

i will wear this to work tomorrow. i wish i had a prettier cami, but the basic black will just have to do. i will eventually keep my eyes out for a pretty cami in the future.

Saturday, June 07, 2014

a really quick sewing project!

i love holidays. all holidays. really.

the next holiday coming up around here is the 4th of July. i'm a sucker for RED WHITE and BLUE. hmmm … the white doesn't show up so much here.

BeFunky Instant 1 on iPad

regardless, i purchased these fabrics this morning.

on the left, is my largest cut --- a full 1/2 yard (the butterfly fabric). all the others are only 1/4 of a yard of fabric. from all this fabric, i was able to make 2 pennant banners.

this is the important part --- i followed this tutorial !

and it was so easy. my scraps consisted of the selvedge ends, trimming the other edges to keep square, and a triangle half.

ps. when i cut my fabric, it was 'wrong sides together'. i squared it up (trimmed the top and bottom edges, and cut off the selvedge), and my last triangle was made from the last diagonal cut on the fold.

BeFunky Instant 1 on iPad

BeFunky Instant 1 on iPad

BeFunky Instant 1 on iPad

BeFunky Instant 1 on iPad

BeFunky Instant 1 on iPad

the first pennant banner has all the mini-prints in red, white & blue, with the butterflies on the backside. the second banner has a mix of leftovers. my fabric purchase got me 2 full banners, with 3 finished pennants leftover.

looking at my receipt,  spent almost $8 in fabric, plus the 2 packages of bias tape.

but, it's not about the money (or time), it's about the fun and ease of making these decorations!

now, after their photo shoot, they will anxiously wait until next month =)

ps. the fabrics were not pre-washed. all i did was press & cut. i considered pinking the edges, but since the edges are on the diagonal, they are not as prone to fray.

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

getting closer ...

I've completed the neckline and sleeves, and started the ribbing around the bottom hem. after i finish the hem, i will try on again, and decide if i need to tighten up the neck ribbing.

on the sleeves, i knitted with the same sized needle (3.25mm) but switched to a smaller needle for the last few rounds and bind off --- to keep it from flaring. i might need to do that on the neck as well.

but on the bottom hem, i might not do that --- as it needs to stretch out a bit for the hips.


there will be lots of ends to weave in (each square has 2 ends).

it has a good amount of weight to it now, with the ribbing.

the crochet is single stranded and the ribbing is doubled.

i'm already thinking about my next project … knit? crochet? both?

Monday, June 02, 2014

on the sleeve!


i've completed the ribbing around the neck opening, and am now working on the sleeves.

the knitting is going quickly. i'm also amazed at how little thread the ribbing is using thus far (i am using 2 strands held together).

i'm using balls 3 & 4, and have a 5th in waiting (if i need it).

Sunday, June 01, 2014

crochet & knit

i am still knitting on the insouciant tee, and making great progress on another tee i half-heartedly started last year.

last year, i swatched and started a crochet top, with knitted edges (i.e.: neck, armholes, and bottom hem). it's a tee that is crocheted with motifs and a "join-as-you-go" method of connecting all the squares.


i decided not too long ago, to give it another go … because, 1) i had the yarn (cotton thread), 2) i had the pattern, 3) i thought it would be fun.

and it is fun!

and it's pretty.

and i hope it fits well.

a couple of weekends ago, when i picked this project back up, i decided i "needed" a coordinating bag for my project, … thus the ladybug bag.

i have somewhat outgrown this bag though, because right now i am knitting the ribbing around the neck, and the ribbing is double stranded thread (which i'm knitting off of two balls of thread).


but since it's almost bedtime, i don't really see myself cranking out another project bag tonight.

maybe tomorrow? hmmm …..


red … i should wear more red. i bought some red flowers today. i only paid a few cents more than i would pay for a cut bouquet. these lilies are perennials, so after they're done for the season, they will go into the ground … somewhere ---- hey mom ! i got you some flowers !!!