Wednesday, June 29, 2011


hexagon socks

when i got the book think outside the sox last year, i was all about the socks on the cover, the hexagon socks.

i immediately cast on, making this pair from red heart heart & sole sock yarn. the colorway i chose was 'razzle dazzle'.

as usual, i started out with good intentions, and finised the first sock relatively quick. and then, the honeymoon was over. i had tried a new technique (knitting socks as motifs). it fit. it looked cool. and i had an orphan.

since then, i picked up the mate here & there, and finally got serious about it.

it's 'self-striping' month over at SKA. my taffy socks were knitted this year for that challenge. i finished them a week and a half ago, and decided that perhaps i should try to finish up these hexagons (finally!).

Sunday, June 19, 2011

what? when you have vacation, the knitting 'decreases' ?!

how does that happen? is knitting just the therapy awaiting a holiday?! maybe it is? and so, if i do go 'on holiday', my productivity slows to a crawl?

okay. i'm so good with that.

so, this is what happened knitting-wise, on holiday.

i freaked out a bit, and reached out to my fellow ska'er's ... asking, "do i have enough projects" to take on vacation ?!

and i DID have enough, and then SOME. but, you know how we knitters are ... we're 'a bit flightly'.

nevertheless, i did manage a few rows, and i finished A PAIR !!!

knit 'em UP !

this is my one and only pair for the june SKA challenge. i am so glad to have finished the pair, as i do have lots of 'orphans in waiting'.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

3 socks, but still no "pairs"

i did finish both socks from my last post! and i cast on both mates as well.

taffy sock


and i finished this sock too, and am close to finishing the mate.

handpainted beauty

not too bad .....

and then, i went on vacation! (still on vacation, by the way) i packed up a few projects. 5 projects. loaded up the vehicle, and then went back to grab a few more things. i probably brought all my sock bags, with projects, plus a shawl.

and i probably won't touch ALL my projects, but, if i don't feel like working on the mates of any of these socks, i do have LOTS of other projects to choose from ;)

which one?

Sunday, June 05, 2011

a bit of progress ...

i'm about to have a mismatched pair of socks! june 1st also meant i could cast on another sock for the month's challenge --- knitting a pattern that accentuates a self-striping yarn.


i chose anne campbell's taffy ripple socks. saw another pair on ravelry also knitted in knitpicks felici (in a more subtle colorway). of course, i had sock envy. thank goodness the other shade of felici is discontinued, or else i might had been filling up my virtual shopping cart for that knitting experience.

i already had this shade of caprica in stash (which, is still available), so it's the lucky yarn to get paired with this nice scalloped pattern.

now, i'm part way through the foot. i will be a 'good girl' and cast on the mate as soon as i finish this one.

and, in the theme of knitting socks with self-striping yarns, i cast on another pair of jaywalkers. it's simply my favorite pattern for yarns that stripe. i have knitted many pairs in this pattern, so it does not qualify for this month's (or any month) challenge.


i found this yarn on ravelry. it's been in my stash since '08. and before then, someone else's stash. it didn't have a label, but i was able to identify it as being a discontinued Opal yarn. the colors remind me of easter eggs in grass.

this one too is part way through the foot. maybe i can finish both this week?

Thursday, June 02, 2011

funny how time flies ...

wow. so. hmmm ....

i do have LOTS of knitting on the needles. and i kinda forgot to update. here.

last weekend (?), or so ... i went to the nc fiberfest. i got lots of yarny goodness ... and seriously couldn't wait to cast on the "fresh" yarn.

so, from that post, i did cast on a few projects.

beautiful handpainted yarn !

this sock is from the wonderful hank of yarn i got here.

fiberfest !!!
(click on photo for details)

it's a simple sock, with fabulous yarn. i could fret over "what pattern ?!" for ages. or, just cast on and KNIT. i'm almost to the toe now ....

and, i cast on this:


this is papaver, from anne hanson of knitspot. i've knitted this pattern twice before, so i'm getting LOTS of 'bang for buck' with this beautiful sock pattern.

i really LOVE the yarn. the colorway is called "prince of the wood elves" and is inspired by the Lord of the Rings. what i enjoy most is the wee blips of green and brown in the silvery gray tencel blend.

and, i started a shawl, with this unique cotton yarn from Wolle's Yarn Creations .

holden 005

yes, the picture is small, and only represents my first wee bit of knitting ... and now, i'm on the last repeat of the shawl. the pattern i am knittins is called the Criminal Minds Mystery Kerchief, and is available on ravelry.

what i love about this pattern is it's full of texture. it's like a sampler, and all the instructions are written vs. charted. and, it's ERROR FREE ! isn't it nice to knit a pattern that has no mistakes ?

i started this too because i finished my holden shawlette.

the colors are nice here ...

all of her

the point

oh! and i didn't even post what i'm knitting on right now! come find me on ravelry ....