Sunday, October 19, 2014

i hate cockroaches & kakerlake


i moved an old piece of furniture today, and found these 2 remains ….



they are big! here, in the south, sometimes people call them "water bugs" … ???!

i call them moth__-fuc___s.

H A T E ! H A T E ! H A T E!

pictured with american and old italian coins for size …….

Saturday, October 18, 2014

the month is already passing too quickly!

i am working 10 hour shifts these days, so there's not much time for things i want to do, or need to do. of course, i try to do the necessary things first. however, the "want to do" is more fun!


i guess this falls under the "want to do".

next weekend, i am going to SAFF. i'm SO looking forward to next weekend.

in preparation for next weekend, i told myself that i should finish crocheting this shawl. i started this shawl last year, when i purchased my yarn in miss bab's booth.

here's a picture of my yarn purchase from last year.

BeFunky Grunge 1 on iPhone

the yarn is called "yet" lace … and i cannot sing any higher praises!

so, i started working again on the tricolore scialle … and though i accomplished much early on, i eventually ran into so many problems that i stopped working on it.

since i started this shawl, the pattern has been updated. the pattern is much better now … with illustrations and stitch counts.

with the updated pattern in hand, i revisited this project.





it is completed … mistakes & all … though no one will find them. i hope to wear this next weekend.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

starry starry night

… this is a favorite tune from the past. and i think about this song each time i'm knitting on my pogona shawlette.

saff scarf socks 086

i purchased this yarn in 2009 at SAFF. i was more into sock knitting then vs. now. however, i never found a sock pattern "worthy" of this beautiful yarn.

recently, i found a shawlette pattern definitely worthy! … the pogona (stephen west design).


the yarn is Dragonfly Fibers Djinni Sock. it's L O V E L Y ! ! ! … and the colorway is called "starry night". starry starry night …...

so, would a man wear this? i wonder …..

Sunday, October 05, 2014

stupid hook!

i cannot find it … stupid hook! apparently i have a 4mm clover hook. where? i don't know. and i want to finish a crochet project with the same hook. where is it? i don't know!


the pictures are dark. it is autumn here … the light is fading. however … stupid hook!


not too long from now (about 2 weeks), i'm going home to visit SAFF … and i want to show off my finished shawl(ette).

i can finish it now, but not without this hook. i might have to find a different 4mm hook in my stash. this makes me grumpy.