Monday, February 04, 2008

*blip* of the day

last night was actually cold enough for me to wear my hat! oh, it's so soft and *perfect* !

and yesterday evening was the *perfect* time to cast on for some new socks !

i actually watched the superbowl. and i actually enjoyed it ... especially the last half of the 4th.

i was in need of a mindless project. i had packed my bag with some mindless yarn ... the regia tweed. good old stockinette to the rescue ....

see that list? remember my sink yesterday? ... well, it's still on the list. so, i cast on and knitted the leg of a tweed sock yesterday. and then, i was thinking, how it might be a good idea to go ahead and cast on the mate. so, i needed another pair of the susan bates 2.25mm needles. did i look in my needle case for the needles? nope. i had two 40% off coupons for miguel's and acmo. i also had some other *things* on the list ... ie: more brown embroidery floss for crocheting my raglan pullover together. so, off i went.

i got the needles. i got the embroidery floss. i got a wee crochet book. next stop, laundromat. that's where i cast on for the mate ! i am still on the ribbing ... but i am knitting a mate. now. no orphans.


Elinor said...

Those socks look perfect for a winter day! I love Regia Tweed!

Stacey said...

A mate right away??? Love the tweed. I finally got my dishes done this morning before work. I hate dishes.