Sunday, November 28, 2010


i like to start sweaters (kinda like starting socks, but they take MORE time). during this holiday, one of the craft stores had a coupon for thanksgiving day only. the coupon was for 30% off your purchase, including sales items.

so, to escape the chaos of post-feast, mom and i drove over to the next town to the craft store. neither of us "needed" anything, but you know how it is when you have a coupon burning a hole in your purse.

tweed cardigan

it seems i've already bought every kind of sock yarn the craft store sells, and they didn't have a colorway i wanted to knit. BUT, the vanna's choice yarn by lionbrand was on sale for $2.49/ball, and then with the 30% off, was about $1.75/ball. SOLD!

y'all know i'm not a yarn snob. and if you notice the colorful heart that has been in my sidebar for years, i do have an affinity for acrylic. the vanna's choice comes in such great colors, "sophisticated" colors. and, it comes in tweeds!

the pattern is by Patons. it's from the booklet, Patons #500838, Next Steps Three. i like this book because it's more of a recipe book, full of mix & match. the little pattern booklet was about $5. it's around 75 pages, with variations of vests and sweaters, but all cardigans. it's all written for using their yarn of course, in the shetland chunky solid or tweed. my craft store did have the yarn, but not a colorway i wanted, and it was not on sale. thus, the vanna's choice.

the vanna's choice is smaller in gauge, so i did my swatch and decided to go with the size small, which will yield a sweater with maybe 1" of positive ease. i've not yet decided if i'm going to do the collar or not. i might just finish the crew neck with ribbing.

regardless, i need someone to keep me honest and on track with the project! i am enjoying the knitting. it's kinda mindless. i have the back done, and parts of the fronts finished.

and the sock knitting will surely get in the way at some point. wednesday is the 1st, which means i could cast on another sock for SKA. BUT i want to finish my acrylic cardigan!

i found this quite enjoyable today, particularly the last paragraph.


Anonymous said...

Nice colorway. I agree that Vanna's choice is nice yarn too for acrylic yarn. Just as purdy as your last sweater...Now if we could only finish them....;-)

Paul & Carla said...

I've not yet used Vanna's Choice but will try it on your recommendation. There is almost no one in our family who will handwash knits and so... acrylic and cottons are in. Besides, I live in Texas and although it DOES get quite cold here, wool is often a bit too much.