Saturday, April 09, 2011

totally skewed!

i have finished my first skew sock!!!

see my pretty sock?

head on

other side!

i have to say i LOVE it. it's just COOL! i have no idea how the designer came up with the contruction. and i giggle every time i think about the big O (origami moment ... when the fabric folds over and becomes a heel). if i was as enamored with the look as much as i am with the look & fit of jaywalker, i'd have a new favorite pattern for those striping yarns. as much as i say i love love love this sock pattern. i do have one gripe ....

it's snug to take off and on. that's it. and i don't even have a high instep or "fluffy" ankles. and though the designer has some hints on how to modify for fit, my brain just doesn't want more of a challenge. so, i will knit sock #2, same as sock #1, and call it a day.

this sock yarn is a favorite of mine, of the craft store variety ... it's lion brand's sock ease. i LOVE it. it's only $10/ball (and MUCH cheaper if you have a craft store coupon). the quality is high. i've used it a few times for socks. ie: my spiceman socks, my sunny jaywalkers, and my fabulous beer cozy !

if anyone is wondering about the red sock in the background, that would be my favorite summer sock(s) ... my red summer sockens. i knitted those a few years ago, with some panda cotton sent to me directly from crystal palace yarns (as they have FABULOUS customer service and had helped me with a yarn issue). they sent me yarn for the red socks, and these pretty papaver socks, and some 6" bamboo sock needles.

scary stairs to my apt.

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