Sunday, August 25, 2013

buried in socklandia

it's sock finishing month for me. that means, the only knitting is on socks.

and though i really would like to keep knitting on my summer (now almost fall) tee's, i will finish as many sock pairs as possible.

so far, i've only shared one finished pair (the kroys stripes), but i have finished a few other pairs as well.

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i finished this pair of monkey socks. i got the yarn years ago, in a trade.

i had heard so often of "sundara" sock yarn, but it seemed it could only be acquired via a sock club. i haven't ever belonged to a sock club.

that's a whole other story.

but, i saw some online one day, that looked pretty. and someone offered a swap.

my first sundara!

well, as it turned out, the colors were pretty. but together, they looked like barf.

so, during august, while participating in a "free your needles" kal (an informal ska sockdown), i had cast on one of my favorite sock patterns, monkey, in hopes it would "save" this yarn.

monkey is still one of my #1 favorite sock patterns. BUT, it could not "save" this yarn. it was still ugly.

so, off to the dyepot ...

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i over-dyed my finished socks with some royal blue icing dye.

and now, they have been "saved". i ♥ love ♥ them!

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jody said...

great save - those socks are gorgeous (now)! it's kinda ironic that your only ever Sundara was less than gorgeous.