Sunday, May 11, 2014

happily crafting

i am finishing up my remix sweater. i have sewn 3 out of 4 of the raglan seams. and now, i take a break.

i know i should plow on, but i feel like starting something new.

a kitty.

BeFunky Sharpen on iPhone

this is "pusheen". i know nothing of this kitty other than it is one of the free "stickers" via face book messaging.

i don't have the correct colors in acrylic, but i do in my fingering wool (some very old knitpicks palette).

so, i'm holding 2 strands together, with my handy dandy german F hook (it does not have the mm size on it).

this is to be a gift.

there's so many other things i should be doing. but instead, i'm crocheting a fat kitty.

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