Monday, March 19, 2007

some people get very excited when the new knitty, magknits, or crochet me is up ... and trust me, i'm in love with those space invaders socks ... but, what i most look forward to every week is the updating of post secret.

ps ... i'm seaming my sweater !


Rebel Belle said...

Hey GLG,
I used to crochet a lot, knitting not so much, it kind of drove me crazy, but I liked to crochet coats, hats and hand bags and so on. I used to use itty bitty crochet hooks and make these ecru doilie wacked out things, until I saw the all cheap Chinese imports. That put an end to that craziness.

And don't even get started about cable knitting. I tried that. I wanted to shoot myself. I admire those who can do that, and jacquard

tammy said...

Me too. Sunday morning I make coffee and the first cup of the day is reading Post Secret. Fills me with empathy and humour and reminds me how very human everyone is. Kind of like a human fill up for the week to come.

ms. pea said...

you are so right. post secret is one of my most favoritest internet guilty pleasures.