Tuesday, May 15, 2007

morning knitting

i am going to a wedding this weekend, which meant i needed new duds. so, i am not a shopper. i do not like to shop (unless yarn is involved). but i had to shop. and i got a nice dress for cheap!

which, of course, meant i needed some nice new yarn to go with my nice new dress. why? because i'm knitting a shrug! the dress is sleeveless, and none of my many shawls works well with the outfit.

my colors are looking a bit off this morning. the dress is grass green and white, and the yarn, berroco's cotton twist is shrimpy pink.

and the pattern? it's the little silk shrug from IK's newest publication, _lace style_. the shrug is essentially a long rectangle, folded over for armholes, and edges finished. it should only use up about 3 to 4 skeins of the cotton twist, and i'm at least half way through with the knitting. it has to be finished before saturday.

and my sock? i thought knitting fairisle would be difficult, but for some reason a two color heel (and only one color is used at at time ! ) is kicking my butt!


jackie said...

i am suffused with shock that you are making something that's not a sock or a creature. can't wait to see the shrug! :)

sweetfigs said...

That stripey heel is so cool looking it's worth the extra futzing.

Beth S. said...

I'm a big believer in pink and green together (and I didn't even go to prep school!)

Turning a heel can be challenging enough with just one color. I'm not entirely surprised that the stripes are giving you fits! ;-)

painter girl said...

cute cute pattern on the dress! I'll bet it looks good on you. Can't wait to see the shrug.

amanda cathleen said...

can't wait to see your shrug!
Hope you can get the heel to work out for you, stupid heels!

Betz White said...

mmmm...pink and green, yummy! Can't wait to see them together.