Wednesday, August 27, 2008

excuses .....

there has been knitting here. there is always knitting going on here. what's been missing, though ..., is decent pictures to share my progress. sometimes i blame my camera. it's kinda old (4 yrs) for a p&s digital. sometimes i have a very hard time discerning how my pictures look in the the wee (7/8" x 1 1/8") lcd screen. sometimes i wonder if it is just overall failing .... a slow disintegration of quality that i just haven't realized yet.

(bear with me and my list of excuses) i can also blame that i don't think of taking pictures until after the light of day has faded, and all i have left is crappy indoor incandescent yellow (weak, low wattage) glow. again, that's where i blame my wee camera (and i do love my camera because it's wee) ... because i can only get ISO's of 50, 100, and 200.

and then there's the netflix watching ... i don't exactly think of taking pictures as i'm speed knitting away on sockens.

but, there is good news, i am almost finished with a PAIR! the above socks are knitted from opal's magic. i am very close to knitting the heelflap of socken #2.

and i have socks on the brain. so many socks on the brain. socks with texture. socks with colorwork. i think as summer comes to an end, my thoughts of socks grows.

and quilting. (gasp!) i actually started my quilt today! finally!

i gathered my coupons today, for the 3 big box local craft stores, and went out and got a 6" x 12" omnigrid ruler, a 12" x 18" rotary mat, and a quilting book (just for inspiration and bedtime reading)(i had a coupon!).

i started a motif, and it looks kinda wonky. and of course i misread the instructions. whoops! but, it will work out. it's going to be a lot of cutting. and sewing. but, i am determined to not let this one take me 8 years like the last one.

the long labor day weekend is coming up. i will be away from my home and visiting my folks. and i will take pictures. (in daylight) (really!) (of my knitting and such ....)

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Stacey said...

looks like you have lots of crafting going on! i'm loving the cool, crisp weather we've been getting at night - nice knitting weather!