Saturday, August 16, 2008

super fresh knitting

super fresh, as in, why finish other stuff ?!

all of my socks right now have some kind of pattern thing going on, whether cables or lace. they require following charts and keeping track of rows. i needed something different on the needles, for mindless knitting, for laundry day, etc ...

... thus, the opal magic sock. that's the name of the yarn, and appropriately named too! of course, now that i've created a plain sock, i am craving something a bit different. i think i might want to knit a different heel. i have consulted my _folk socks_, and am still undecided. if this gets to be too big an issue, i will just carry on in mindless fashion and knit the basic heelflap.

i am liking this particular opal yarn ... the orange parts and semi-solid, and it almost looks spray painted.

and this next one is so fresh i haven't even cast on yet!

i do hope to swatch tonight. i did not knit a summer sweater or tank this summer. and now, i'm wanting one. i have heard lots of good things about hempathy, so instead of going to a once a month meeting, i played hookie and went to a lys that stocks this yarn.

choosing a color proved challenging. the palette is nice, but not exactly in the realm of my color scheme. i also find it harder to choose a color when the fabric is going to be all stockinette. but, i did decide. and it's going to be lovely.

the tee shirt pattern is by hemp for knitting

i have been overheard saying, "you can wear any color you like, as long as you wear the right lipstick!"


Anonymous said...

loven that orange sock!

Miss 376 said...

I love the colour you have chosen

jackie said...

that's a halloween sock, not a magic sock.