Monday, December 15, 2008

lace bug

my knitting interests contantly vary. sometimes it's all about socks. sometimes, a bit of crochet. and lately, lace shawls ....

this one is a real beauty. she's called pavonis (pdf link). i found this pattern via ravelry. the pattern is written in finnish, but it does have charts.

she's still a challenge due to not understanding the instructions, and the repeat is large. the one advantage i have is previous shawl knitting, especially triangular shapes that begin at the top of the neck. without such experience, i would not be attempting this shawl.

oh! and i love the blue! all three of these shawls are knitted with knitpick's palette. i had ordered the colorcards recently to choose some colorways for holiday knitting. i was drawn to the heathers (with all their little bits of other colors) easily. but then this solid blue caught my eye as well. i love its clarity and intensity.

next up is good ole swallowtail (pdf link). this has fast become one of my favorite evelyn clark shawl patterns. there are lots of pretty ones out there, but i like how this one transitions through three different charts. right when i'm getting bored with one chart, "hey! i get to change!".

and if i get tired of working with the marble heather, i can switch to the garnet heather ....

i bought beads for both. i have yet to knit a swallowtail with the nupps. perhaps, if i ever do it in a finer yarn, i will slog through the nupps.

until then, i really like a sparkle in the sea of fuzz.


Mouse said...

You've gone shawl crazy! I'm still way too much of a wimp to try to knit a shawl..

f. pea said...

You do have the lace bug! I am impressed.

amandacathleen said...

you certainly where bitten by the lace bug! oooo so very pretty! I love that blue, and the heathers are very pretty too!

painter girl said...

When are you coming through to see your mama? Are you off of work yet? Do you want to swing by for a visit?
I'll call....I promise...maybe tonight..