Sunday, December 07, 2008


shawl, not scarf

i really wanted to get this off the needles. i was knitting as fast as i could, because i thought i was going to run out of yarn.

i thought i was going to run out of yarn because ... the ball was shrinking !?


actually, i had misread the pattern. i love ravelry. i love that i can research a pattern before i knit it. i can find out if there is an errata, and see all the different yarns and versions knitted.

in my research, i interpreted jatta's notes incorrectly. she says ...

"To make scarf as big as in the pictures, repeat chart 2 9 times total. You can make more or less repeats."

i kinda skipped over the second sentence. i was fixated on 9 times total.


i got a second hank of yarn just in case. having the second hank in reserve meant that i did not run out. i finished binding off with a mere 11.5 yards left.

so, the shawl pictured is called zetor scarf. i did not mean to make it a full size shawl. i thought i was knitting something more the size of swallowtail.

i do love the finished product. i did not enjoy the process as much. i much prefer a shawl pattern that has transitions vs. one allover stitch pattern. i also had some problems in the beginning with keeping in pattern, ... i think because the dark heathered yarn was just hard to see. once i added stitch markers to delineate the repeats, things went smoother (or, i was at least able to find my mistakes sooner).

i did not add beads to this. part of me now wishes i had. the border is kinda narrow in proportion to the rest of the shawl. it lacks weight. i had really nice points after blocking, but now they've kinda relaxed and curled.


specs: zetor scarf from jatta.
Gästrike 1-ply by Järbo Garn (660 yds/100 gr).
4mm needles.
on ravelry.


painter girl said...

Hey Missy! the scarf is absolutely divine!
Can't wait to see it on you. I am calling you today, promise. We need to get together soon. Want to come to our house this weekend? we are having a pizza party.

amandacathleen said...

oooo! beautiful! It's truly breathtaking

Stacey said...

wow. that is spectacular!!!!

Lulla said...

ohoo! I love it.