Thursday, February 12, 2009

lace sockens

since finishing hats, the weather had turned a bit warmer. it actually is warm enough to have windows and doors open (if, you like the wind tunnel effect on a breezy day).

i was trying to upload my information on flickr and ravelry, with yarn labels, tissues and patterns all blowing about. thus, at least one window was closed.

but, that does not sidetrack the breeze !

breeze semi-socken

this pattern has been on my queue for some time. last year, i was often picking my sock patterns based on the parameters of the ska group on ravelry. it's not often they allow "almost socks". but, that doesn't matter, since i've pretty much fallen way from that group and started to knit more on what i want and orphan rescues.

that said, i finally finished my marigold socks. i started these in the summer of '07. i picked them back up recently, and i was pretty monogamous through the process.


so, two pretty lace things on or off the needles. i'm not sure which orphan will be rescued next, but i have some ideas (like more than 15 !).


pink sockens knitted in sandnesgarn's "sisu" superwash, col. 4627, size 2.25mm needles.

green sockens knitted in lorna's laces "shepherd sock" in 'carol green' 47ns, size 2.5mm kp's circs.

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Stacey said...

very pretty - love the Marigolds. I keep forgetting about older patterns. So many new ones come out on a regular basis it's hard to keep up!