Monday, September 21, 2009

in the day's fading light ...

red socks monkey 016

i have finished a PAIR of socks! i finished these last night, and there was less daylight this morning than when i got home this evening ... but, just enough.

i LOVE these socks! i don't remember where or when i purchased the yarn, but i love it all the same. it's arucania solid in red 118, which is really a semi-solid.

we all go through phases of loving various types of yarn (ie: handpainted, solid, semi-solid, self striping, etc). lately, i've prefered semi-solid or solid for all the lace and textures.

but, when all else fails, it doesn't hurt to cast on a self striping yarn and knitting ribbing or plain stockinette.

the pattern above is evelyn clark's acorn lace socks (fiber trends pattern AC-47). it is well written, with both chart and line by line instructions (i prefer chart).

i always live in fear of running out of yarn, but i had plenty left over (socks used 79 grams and i have 25 grams leftover, and i do realize that does NOT add up to 100 grams.

i have some other evelyn clark patterns in my queue. there's a certain sense of security when knitting any of her patterns, whether socks or shawls.


turtlegirl76 said...

Absolutely stunning!

leanne pizio said...

they came out lovely! beautiful!

Anonymous said...

stunning, really love how they came out!