Tuesday, November 17, 2009

blogging in my head

sometimes, i do all the things i should do for the blog, such as knit the project, take pictures, download/upload, move on to the next project, post pictures to flickr, update ravelry, and then i forget to actually post the information on my blog. oops.

i was talking with mom this morning and telling her about my green socks, and i said, "they're on the blog" ... then it occurred to me that maybe they weren't on the blog yet. yeah, another "oops".

that said, there has been progress! i finished the first montgolfiere sock.


when i finish the pair, i will be blocking these. they need to settle down a bit. there is a gauge difference from the sole stich pattern and the instep, and the instep is rather lumpy. but, it will be fine with a good blocking.

i am very pleased with how this sock looks. i'm just not quite ready to jump into knitting the mate yet. i am thinking i will save that event for the weekend.

in the meantime, i sort of needed a small project to carry around in my purse. i actually picked up an orphan from the summer, and cast on the mate to my green goblin socks (otherwise known as "rick" from cookie a's _sock innovation_). i knitted the first sock in the summer for a kal on ravelry. once the kal was finished, i never went back to knit the mate. but i decided it would be good to knit on it as a mindless knitting project.

green goblin in the making

i started the mate on the 11th, and finished yesterday. but, i will have to wait until the weekend to take proper finished pair photos.

i might actually be enjoying this single sock knitting. i have quite the stash of orphan socks, so just knitting one gives me a pair. that i like!

since i finished the green socks, i did pick up another orphan ... pillars. this lovely sock had its first birthday back in august. i figured this one would be rather painless to knit, and mindless as well. and i have already decided on my next rescue ... hedera from 2007!

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