Sunday, November 08, 2009

sock challenge

each month in ska (sock knitter's anonymous)(ravelry link), there is a challenge. this month's challenge includes a technique (mosaic or slipstitch knitting), a mystery sock (which includes the technique challenge) or a designer (this month is chrissy gardiner). i had planned on doing a sock by the designer, chrissy gardiner, since i really wanted to try one of her socks from her _toe up_ book (and use the work sheets to get a great fitting reverse engineered heelflap sock).

and then i started looking at mosaic patterns. that's when i found this pattern, montgolfiere, by stephanie van der linden. this pattern had been in my queue for a bit, and i had forgotten about it.

i went digging in the stash, and found some rowan true 4ply botany. this yarn has been discontinued for some time. sometimes when a yarn is discontinued, it seems a bit more *precious* as it's highly unlikely i'll come across it again.

i am enjoying the knitting, though i do not look forward to the mate. this sock is not mindless, and requires constant attention to the chart. even with all this chart chasing, i still have made mistakes. so far, i've corrected the ones i've discovered.

this sock is going to be quite cushy, as the bottom of the foot is quite thick. i even turned the heel with two strands held together so it would be as beefy as the rest of the sole.

and the not so challenging ...

sockskroy 002

(unless we count mere finishing!) i pulled these out the other day, and it seemed all i had left was a bit of foot and a toe. it amazes me how long such a simple task is left unfinished for months, or years.

this yarn is a favorite of mine. it's paton's kroy sock yarn. you can find it in craft stores. it's inexpensive. and it's a work horse yarn. it's a bit heavier than most fingering yarns i've knitted, but it still makes a great socks.

this pair is going to be a gift.


Mouse said...

Love your new socks! I'm so happy that craft stores are starting to sell wool sock yarns now.. its very exciting!

amandacathleen said...

oh wow your pink and (i think) brown socks are freaking AMAZING! Really freaking amazing.
Love your striped socks, the colors are very soothing and pretty. And yeah I hear ya its amazing how long one can put off finishing a project when it needs just a bit more work. However it feels awesome when it gets pulled out and finished!

f. pea said...

Ooh, those mosaic socks - yummy!