Sunday, March 07, 2010

bedtime reading

i do realize that i already have more books, magazines, and yarn, than i can possibly use in this lifetime, but that didn't stop me from picking up this special issue of piecework by IK press.

i use to subscribe to piecework magazine. it's a really great publication, but i only have so much shelf space, and moving magazines is heavy work!

and the cover price is a whopping $14.99 (but, depending on where you find it ... such as i found mine at my joann fabric store ... you can possibly use a coupon for it).

i do have some of these patterns already because i use to subscribe, but there were enough that i didn't have and wanted. you can see the contents here on the IK site.

in other knitting news ... i am getting close to the heel of my second green sock. i hope to finish this pair soon as i'd love to cast on a new pair for march.


Esoteric Knitter said...

oh my goodness!! this is freaking hilarious. I just bought this mag at JoAnns today too. I totally had a brain fart and read $4.99 instead of $14.99. Totally didn't realize it until I got home. It's definitely full of fantastic info.

Rainy Daisy said...

inspiration! and remember - if you can dream it, you can DO IT!