Saturday, July 10, 2010


hey, i've finished one sock! i haven't started the mate yet, though i know i should. i feel a cast-on frenzy coming on, as i want to knit another 2 pairs of fairisle socks, plus a pattern by anne hanson, and a pair for a friend, and another pair for someone else ....

not to mention i still have a couple of unfinished pairs.

but, for the newest finished sock, here's my first sock of fishes!

swimming fishes

i think i could had knitted the toe a wee bit longer before the toe shaping, but maybe the blocking will take care of that. the last pair of fairisle socks i knitted seemed a bit on the small side 'til i blocked them.

yarnwise, the first sock didn't even use up 1/2 a ball of yarn (and i'm talking about a 50 gram ball). so, i'll likely have a second ball of the 'marine life' felici yarn for a future project.

amazing! it's thundering, and i think i hear rain. it's been a long time since it's rained here.

oh, and i'm on the foot of my second rainbow sock. i'll finish the pair this weekend and post.


Walden said...

Very cute!

Hepsi said...

It's gorgeous!

Esoteric Knitter said...

this is such an awesome sock!!