Monday, July 05, 2010

swim fishes swim !!!

i LOVE this sock! this is "swedish fish socks" by 'spillyjane' on ravelry. it's a paid pdf file pattern, and worth it =)

though, i've made my mistakes, i still think mine looks rather like the picture in the pattern (meaning, i am knitting fairisle socks). my colors are unlike hers, but i'm trying very hard to follow the instructions, as that's what i do when i'm in uncharted territory. (there are charts!) ... but sometimes i don't follow instructions all that well .....

this projects is totally knitpicks ! ... needles and yarns. the natural yarn is their undyed superwash sock yarn (merino/nylon) and the colored yarn is their 'felici' ... self striping socken yarn.

needles are their wooden 'harmony' needles. i knit the cuff on their 2.25 mm options needles, but the fair isle is knit with the larger harmony needles. from my limited experience, and lots of reading, i should knit the fairisle on a larger needle. it's working out just fine.

now, my floats ... i am knitting this sock inside out. that helps me control the length of my floats, especially when changing from one needle to the other.

this picture was taken with a flash, and it does not show off the subtle changes between the different shades of blue. this looks like a 3 color sock, but it's actually a bit more colored & complex than this.


elizabeth marley said...

Looks awesome! I really want to make a pair of these.

Lately, whenever I do colorwork socks or mittens, I knit them inside out on 9 inch circular needles. I have a couple sock-sized ones from Hiya Hiya and I love them! Since I don't have to adjust my needles and bring all the yarn around joins it makes colorwork a little easier for me.

Rainy Daisy said...

so cute!

Inside out...does that mean you are purling the whole thing? Whoooaa....

Hepsi said...

I'm wondering the same... But the sock looks great!