Sunday, July 24, 2011

getting ready for august

i think it's safe to say i knit A LOT of single socks. i just can't help it sometimes. i knit the first sock, and it's fun. and then, the thought of doing it again ... isn't as fun as starting something completely different!

socks in progress

but, a fellow raveler, mapleweave, has propossed the challenge of completing as many PAIRS as possible during the month of august. she's a lot like me, and has a sock orphanage to rival me.

i created a new tab in my projects for this challenge. and, some of the socks may or may not get mates. some might even get ripped and the yarn reclaimed. and some ..., some will get mates.

she said i could "cheat" and start working on them now. the only goal is to complete more pairs that she does in august.

so ... i'm very committed to this challenge! it will be nice to "clean house", so to speak.


Mapleweave said...

Oh, no!! I'm scared I'm going to lose!!

Anonymous said... many down? How many purdy ones to go?

jackie said...

i can't even finish one sock, and look at you!