Saturday, August 06, 2011

i am finishing my pairs!

bags and bags of socks

as i posted in my prior post, i'm trying to finish as many sock pairs this month as possible. i did a lot of "homework" in july to get ready for this knitting frenzy in august. and, it has paid off.

i have completed 5 pairs thus far!

diamonds and lace

this first pair was started back in the summer of 2007. i really do love this design. it's by mona schmidt, and is called "lace and diamond socks". the yarn is reynold's soft sea wool. the yarn is inexpensive, a bit of a heavier fingering wt, and must be hand washed. i don't know how it will wear, as until this month, i'd never completed a project with this yarn.


jaywalkers is one of my alltime favorite sock patterns. i swear it can make any sock yarn look good! the yarn is by opal, and is called 'krokodil'. these are actually pretty "fresh". the yarn was in stash for many years, but i cast these on in june.

hot pink mystery

this pair has been my biggest challenge thus far. i had started the 2nd sock some time ago, and put it down, and didn't leave myself any notes as to which chart i was knitting from, or if this was considered sock #1 or #2 (different instructions for each, as they mirror each other).

it probably took about 2 evenings to get on track. the pattern is 'cadance socks' by verybusymonkey on ravelry. at the time, i had decided to knit 2 pairs, but had only finished 1 of each colorway i was knitting. now, if i really want to be a rock star, i will have to cast on the 2nd yellow sock.


this one was super duper easy. there's nothing like mindless knitting in stockinette with a self striping yarn. i bought the yarn about 4 years ago, and cast on immediately, and then ravelry came along, and i dropped my needles for another project. the yarn is by opal, and is called 'lollipop'.

birch leaf socks

and lastly, a fabulous pair designed by nancy bush, "birch leaf socks". it's from the book _a gathering of lace_. the yarn is st. ives by wendy, and ... i like it, but it kinda has a hairy look to it that compromises the stitch definition. i think it's a good yarn, but probably a poor choice for this pattern. i started this pair back in 2009.

my goal is to finish 10 pairs. it's just that the other 5 pairs may take me more time to finish .....


lisa said...

Wow, FUN!!!!!

Becca said...

Look at you go! Love the photo of all the sock bags. The Cadance socks are gorgeous and I like the Lollipop self striping ones too. Can't wait to see the next 5.